Could these Smart Devices Understand Our Southern Accents?

Could these Smart Devices Understand Our Southern Accents?

– Ok Google. – [Alexa] That’s not a
name I can respond to. (people laughing) – [Man] My apologies, I don’t understand. – They’re talkin’ to each other now and they just ignorin’ me. (soft rock music) – How do I, how do we
know my accent is real? Listen to it, step one. Number two, listen. – People always comment
on my accent every time I open my mouth. – Well I don’t have a thick accent. – Siri is what I have
and I can’t stand it. I want her to tell me something, she gonna tell me to go to website. That ain’t what I asked you. – I have one of these right
here, I’ll go say her name. Alexa. Then I, then… – So I’m going to try to
speak with these devices, come up with things just
right off the top of my head, and see how well they respond. – Oh hey Alexa, holler at memaw. – [Alexa] Finding Nemo has an
IMDB rating of 8.1 out of 10. – Alexa, how do you spell doohickey? – [Alexa] Doohickey is spelled D-O-O-H-I-C-K-E-Y. – Hey Alexa, how you cook collared greens? – [Alexa] Okay, for collared greens, I recommend collared greens, 35 minutes to make. – Thank you, that’s enough. That is not how you
cook greens, 35 minutes. – Alexa, what time’s the Pig close? – [Alexa] Sorry, I don’t know that, but I do have a skill you might like. It’s called pig sounds, wanna try it? – Kind of. – [Alexa] Guinea pig sounds
by Relaxitor from Spotify. – Guinea pig sounds. (pigs squealing) Alexa, stop and don’t ever do that again. – Hey Alexa, play some Johnny Taylor. (Johnny Taylor music playing) Okay that’s enough, thank you. Stop! Oh my god, stop! Stop, hey Alexa, please stop! – Alexa, play me some Dolly. – [Alexa] Playing songs
by Daily from Spotify. – No Daily. (fast paced music) – Okay Alexa, never do that again. – Hey Google, is it polite to point? – [Man] In much of the world, pointing with the index finger is considered rude or disrespectful. Pointing with an open hand
is considered more polite or respectful in some context. – How do you point with an open hand? – Hey Google, where’s the best place to get chicken ’round here? – [Man] I found a couple of
top rated chicken places. Hatty B’s Hot Chicken,
Birmingham, Alabama. – Keep it up Google. – Okay Google, you ain’t
from around here are you? – [Man] I guess that’s
one way of describing me. – Okay Google, bless your heart. – [Man] According to Wikipedia,
bless your heart is a phrase that is common in the
southern United States. – Hey Google, do you put
sugar in your cornbread? – [Man] Never, never are sugar and wheat flour used in cornbread. – Tell it brother. – Hey Google, play some Johnny Taylor. (Johnny Taylor music playing) – Okay, thank you. See there, obedience. – Okay Google, quit bein’ so ugly. – [Man] I may not meet
traditional AI beauty standards, not everyone can be R2D2. (R2D2 beeping) – You’re a little weird for me. – [Man] That can be a good thing. – Hey Google, how do you
cook collared greens? – [Man] Alright, I’ve got a recipe called “Kickin’ Collared
Greens”, from All Recipes. This recipe serves six and takes about one hour and 10 minutes to make. Does that sound good? – Yes, thank you. – Okay Google, how do
you make pimento cheese? – [Man] I already have the
recipe you were making called “Kickin’ Collared
Greens” from All Recipes. Would you like to make a
different recipe instead? – Yes, how do you make pimento cheese? – [Man] Alright, we’ll stick
to what we’re already making. – No, no we won’t. – [Man] When you’re
ready for the next step, just say “Next Step”. – Stop. – [Man] The first ingredient
– No thank you. – is one Tablespoon of olive oil. – No thanks! Bye Bye. – Hey Siri, Google can’t
make pimento cheese, How do you make pimento cheese? – [Siri] Okay, I found this on the web for “can you make amenities,
how do you make amenities”. – Amenities, no we want pimento cheese. She’s not helpful, is she? – Hey Siri, give me a
quote from Forest Gump. – [Siri] Here’s Forest Gump. – She’s like “here’s the whole
movie, watch it yourself.” – [Siri] Tom Hanks gives
an astonishing performance. – Okay stop, stop no stop. – Hey Siri, holler at papa. – [Siri] Powerball is
an American lottery game offered by 44 States. – Powerball, if I won the Powerball, I’m not sure I’d tell papaw. – Hey Siri, where can
I go and sit a spell? – [Siri] Sit, S-I-T. – You as dumb as a rock, oh, that’s okay. – Hey Siri, how do you spell doohickey? – [Siri] Duvet? D-U-V-E-T. – Duvet is French for doohickey. – Hey Siri, bless your heart. She doesn’t even talk to me anymore. I think she understood what I meant. – Outta all the three, I
think I gotta pick Google, because Google is the only one that knows, there’s no sugar in cornbread. (blues music) – This thing, is like a child
full of useless knowledge that will not shut up. I can tell you my least favorite right now is this one right here and
I’m not gonna say her name, ’cause she wakes up and she won’t shut up. She will not stop bothering me. I think Google was the best one. Okay Google, I like you. – [Man] I’m glad to hear that
because I like you a lot. It’s nice to know that’s reciprocated. – Look at us, we’re like
a little couple now. – Until they make one just for us, you gotta deal with what you got. – Alexa, you can kiss my grits. (robotic dinging) I think that was the
middle finger in robot is exactly what that was,
that was pretty rude. – [Alexa] I’m not sure
how to help you with that. – Yeah, you just, yeah. (Alexa falling) What now?

100 thoughts on “Could these Smart Devices Understand Our Southern Accents?

  1. First of all any true Southerner living anywhere in the South does not have an ACCENT!
    Yall need to be takin to the woodshed. Accents are relative to anywhere other than the South.
    My Collards take about 4 hours total plus they either have mustards or Turnip greens mixed. South Georgia style.

  2. It helps if you learn the commands the AI is programmed to understand, such as "Call" instead of "holler." But even then, dealing with AI voice recognition can be hit or miss, depending on the product. I don't usually have trouble with my Siri, but I do have a lot of difficulty with automated customer service lines (even after switching to a "neutral" accent).

    Fun fact: Open Siri and say, "Siri, tell me a joke" (or "Tell me a joke, Siri"), and it will do just that.

  3. Once I was texting my guy who went to my dads sermon while i was with a gone with a friend, so I was asking him how the sermon went and what my dad talked about. He was using the voice texting so instead of king Jehosophat, it heard kind of the fat kindle and we were laughing so hard.

  4. One time I was yelling to my son Alex to take out the trash, and our amazon Alexa came on and gave instructions how to wash dishes 😂😂😂😂

  5. Oh my word I’m sitting here and my apple speaker nearby hears y’all saying ‘hey Siri’ and it’s trying to answer your questions lol!! And I agree- Siri stinks.

  6. I stay pretty calm, but Lord have Mercy my wife actually gets ready to fight,,,,,,,, these computers can’t understand Hillbilly either, I think they made these thing to find out who owns guns, believes the Bible or thinks killing babies is wrong!

  7. I can imagine how they would react to Hillbilly! It's a cross between southern and old english. Same words just different accents.

  8. none of yall got a real thick accent. need to go back in the hills somewhere, deep in the boondocks. one of them banjo playin' places that ned beatty avoids that has to pipe in sunlight. see if they still work then.

  9. 2:37 my Google home heard the question and said the same thing
    2:49 my phone, which is what I'm watching the video on, wanted to answer it too

  10. On my iPad, I took Siri off of it. It got to where she would answer what ever was being said on you tube. Try swearing at her. One time I got”well, I never”, so I said I bet you didn’t. Didn’t have a gun to shoot her, so l just deleted her.

  11. Well come on. On a lot of them, It’s not especially their accents, it’s the incomplete requests. And if you want them to stop, you have to say hey Siri or whoever.

  12. Some body explain why my google interrupted the video at 2:25 to give me the definition of where (that's as far as her question got because it didn't wait for the slow southern drawl to complete the query!). And I am wearing earbuds so how did my phone hear the video anyway??!!
    Update: everytime the black lady speaks to google my phone stops to answer her questions. I must sound like her or something.

  13. The black grandma killed me when John tailer was playing and she said stop and a different song came on and she started dancing like this my jam then she got mad at it again

  14. I’m coming down, that lady likes collard greens. I’m bringing the Texas Pete pepper sauce!

    And no Southerner puts sugar in cornbread. Sugar is for tea.

  15. I’m from Texas, I always say bless your heart and I have siri and Alexa THEY DONT WORK OUT! Luckily I’m getting google

  16. I had to close my Amazon tablet and turn off voice on my Google Home during this video! Their voices kept activating them!

  17. Wow, Southerners got amazing results. Try using any of those stupid devices with a New England accent. I may as well be barking. They comprehend squat if you're from ME, NH, VT, MA, CT.

  18. Aside from how the lady was pronouncing “pimento” (I’m Southern and have never heard it pronounced that way), it seemed to me it was less about accents and more about phrasing.

  19. I’m so glad y’all put this up. I am forever fighting with the dictate function on my phone and Siri because neither one of them can understand my accent. My husband, who was born in the midwest, thinks this is hilarious.

  20. I remember saying "white" to a Yankee and she thought I said "black". Heaven knows how Alexa would respond to 'used to could' or 'might should've'' or the ultimate possible future tense phrase of 'might be gonna'. I know that Yankee would have been befuddled!

  21. Maybe it's heresy, but I do make 30 minute collard greens in my Instant Pot. I'm not somebody's granny, I don't have all afternoon to cook.

  22. I was watching this and when she said “Okay google play some johnny taylor, my google home actually started playing!! I didn’t even have the video that loud!!!”

  23. Ooh God Stop it… My sides!! I cant! when Grandma asked "hey Google, where is the best place to get chicken from?" MY Google answered!!! Oh I'm dyin😆😆😆 and… YES YOU DO TO PUT SUGAR IN CORNBREAD!

  24. I kept trying to wipe the water spot off my phone screen, until I realized it was a dent in the backdrop. 🤦‍♂️

  25. My grandma always told me I should’ve been a born in the south, guess she was right after listening to your vids! 😂

  26. I'm watching on my iPhone with an Echo Dot next to me. All through the video she's responding to Alexa in the video. At the end where he says "Alexa, you can kiss my grits", mine responds with "When pigs fly."

  27. What the heck does the lady on the blue jeans jacket say when she asks for a recipe? Pamene? 7 years in Texas and I’ve never heard that.

  28. I have a Samsung galaxy and it became a SERIOUS problem when y'all were saying "Hey, Google" cause every time my phone would stop the video and GOOGLE would pop up asking what I needed!😂😂😂😂

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