College Romance | Web Series | Trailer | The Timeliners

College Romance | Web Series | Trailer | The Timeliners

She has such a cute smile! Her name is Raveena. How the hell did you fall for Bagga? Aren’t you two very different people? I love you Deepika! I love you more, Karan. All men are dogs when they find a leg piece. I’m besotted. Trippy, man, it’s not going to work! You’ll come across as a creep. And who’s saying that? Someone who’s been unable to get his girlfriend
to sit on his bike. Karan, please help me out, man. These are not decisions of the brain…
But of the heart! No, of your dick. And in your case, vagina. Trippy was like the Undertaker. A little cussing is forgivable,
but why say “I’ll put a dick in your mouth”? You had promised me that you won’t hide anything! It’s not working out between us. I’m sorry. What the fuck? I didn’t expect this from you! I can’t be your permanent partner. But I can be your dinner partner. Shut up! Let’s tear him a new one! Hey! How’s this one? Even has a heart. It’ll beat. (makes heartbeat sounds) Wow, Trippy! Give her a set of anklets with this. First her heart will beat, then the anklets will sing. There! You’ve got a hit song on your hands.

100 thoughts on “College Romance | Web Series | Trailer | The Timeliners

  1. I want more series like "Engineering girls" and "College romance" 😟😟

    Please Timeliner do more serieses 😣😣

  2. Once More…Once More……Same characters new story….same mouj masti new college…..same fun with new entertainment……plzzzzzz

  3. Bhencho college romance ki 5 Marta Pancho episodes dekhi Hain fir bhe Dil hee nahi bherta…ek dam jhakaas hai yaaaaar ….love you so much from Pakistan , karachi

  4. Its a request to the timeliners that u plz make another part of the college romance with the same crew because we luved the 1st one and was very much relatable.

  5. Pllzzz or episodes bnaao yrr.. One of th awesome entertaining episode i ever seen on you tube.. Plzz make more episodes

  6. In trailer it seems like any normal love story but the series is so different probably the best Hindi YouTube series funny,action comedy, love story, and the best part bagga ki galiya aur Karan ka sense of humor

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