Chrome Web Store – What’s inside?

Chrome Web Store – What’s inside?

There are millions of web apps across the
Internet.  They come in all shapes and sizes for any use under the sun.
Most of us, though, still only use 5 or 6 web apps a day; and we rarely try new ones.
Why is that? Well, for one thing, it can be hard to find
the right apps.   Sometimes you don’t even know that there’s
a web app out there that can help you do a particular task —  for instance, editing
a video online — let alone where to find it, or which one you should choose.
And even if you find a particular app, you might hesitate to try it out, if doing so
means sharing private information like your credit card number with a developer you’ve
never heard of before. If all of this sounds familiar then you should
check out the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace
where you can search or browse through categories to discover new web apps.
You can study user reviews and ratings. And if you find a web app you really like,
you can create a convenient shortcut on your Chrome browser’s new tab page – to easily
access it. In the Chrome Web Store, besides apps you
can even find themes that let you change the look of your browser, and thousands of extensions
– the small programs that add features to Chrome like email notifications and pricing
alerts. In general, we’ve designed the Chrome Web
Store to be easy to use, fun to discover new apps, and an information-rich place.
Want to check it out? Just click on the store icon on your new tab
or go to Let’s see what you discover.

82 thoughts on “Chrome Web Store – What’s inside?

  1. @Mephistopelus Look at the apps in the web store! It's all HTML 5! Now HTML5 can do all that flash can do, even better and faster!

  2. @Mephistopelus I know, i said that Google will kill Flash because all the apps at Chrome Web Store are HTML5, and if Chrome Web Store gets big, really big, it could be a serious threat to Flash, and devs will begin writing HTML5 because the apps will not need flash player, will be supported by all the modern browsers and the devs won't need Flash CS which costs a lot of bucks! Hope good things happen to internet! But it will pass a long long time before flash won't be used anymore!

  3. @FlashBlack If you don't use internet regularly, then Chrome OS is not for you. Fortunately some apps can function offline in case you don't have an internet connection.

  4. @leevitron For a regular web app, it's a web page so it makes sense. No need to bundle up that html or flash in a different package if it's already available as an app, just one that's located at a web address.

  5. Google is not affiliated with the contents of Chrome Web Store or its owners. Also watch out for the 404 not found. NOT TYPICAL GOOGLE!

  6. Sounds all great, but… is it friendly to developers as well? I'm a front-end webdeveloper and I'd love to get one of these, but create online content as well. Can I install/use an offline html-editor and access localhost or do I need to do EVERYTHING online?

  7. God i actually trusted that guy 0:41…….thats probably why my money on my credit card is gone, but he seemed so nice with his cowboy hat and everything.

  8. @proland dnt blame google,. Blame ur government ,Look up your straw man on youtube, all your info is all ready out there">

  9. @MillyVanillification all browsers do ,. In any case ,Your info is all ready out there,.

    Google has nothing to do with it . see this video : FREEMAN OR STRAWMAN youtube. as you can see the government all ready knows it all.

  10. I play wgt online golf i need to know if theres any app's that would help in the loading of the game Im using chrome now it does ok for awhile then it gets to where it takes forever to load between holes help if tou can

  11. @skrbicdu No, that's incorrect. The iTunes store downloads a program on your computer which runs separately to the OS and the browser. The Google store not only sandboxes it's apps it incorporates them into the browser it's self as well as the superfast OS. Google>Apple

  12. "they completely banned windows"
    that makes no sense
    all but all of there products need testing in windows
    they need cheek if it is working right in explorer
    and chrome for windows come out before mac one
    and you can only program for windows with windows(and test)

    i was in a trip to Google building(in Israel)
    and all of there computers had windows
    what are your sources?

  13. yeah but what about sharing your passwords with lastpass? google chrome already does what the app does!

  14. And seeing that guy made me throw up. now i feel peckish. so pechis i could eat a browser like CHROME "<

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