10 thoughts on “Christian Jennings: “The Third Reich is Listening” | Talks at Google

  1. Reminder: The 'nazis' were all working for the very same global Ruling Class as Churchill, Rossevelt and Stalin. The whole story is a sham and no one believes a word of it any more. However it does seem to be part of a larger 'zionist' project. And notice he is wearing a Poppy – the symbol of the opium-of-the-masses, illusion and dreaming – that celebrates the Genocide carried out against the English in the 1910s. Now watch him again – closely. Beware – the war is against YOU!
    But take heart. Their worldview is drawing towards its natural end. And we have it all on record.

  2. I Truly, Believe They Live Underground, Certainly in South Africa.
    The Farmers are waiting to be rescued. It is about time for, Truth.
    Growing up in Wales, I would like to eat, Faggots and Peas. In Neath Market.
    Living in Leeds, the nearest thing to a Faggot is something called,.
    A Savoury Duck. In Leeds Market. However, Brains Frozen Faggots.
    Are also, not the same. as Faggots and Peas, in Neath, Market.
    Let Me Take You There. I Love Truth. Thanks for sharing, shared.
    Only 33 minutes into this. Nice One.

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  4. As expected, this video really brought out the basement Nazis and other assorted Jew-haters. What a pathetic group of losers.

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