Cat Snakes, Noodle Bears, & Bandit Bois – Internet Names for Ferrets

This is a cat snake because if you had
this to this—cat snake. And it goes by many other names like the rope cat,
noodle bear, and blanket shark. There’s also the limousine mouse, bandit boy, and
the four-footed floof noodle. Cat snakes do crazy poses, like the noodle ball, also
called some assembly required (batteries not included), wet noodle, hang ten, and
this is a cat snake moving at incredibly high speeds. Last but not least there’s
the draw me like one of your french cats. You know, I don’t think these cats have
bones. Cat snakes do things, and their favorite is to sleep—cute sleep, bridge
sleep, snake sleep, and the reverse rest. When they’re not sleeping they’re
committing adorable crimes like, vandalism, attack, but most of all, they
steal. What’s this? It’s mine now. Cat snakes steal books, toys, socks, and
everything else. In the end it makes them pretty…unferretable. Visualize your cat
snakes and anything else with Lucidchart.

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