22 thoughts on “Build Mobile Apps With Flutter and Google Maps (Cloud Next ’19)

  1. i've used flutter once and i'm just so astonished on how the team is really doing an enormous great job!
    Google is such an inspiration!

  2. Everybody keeps talking about Flutter and React Native. Why is no one talking about Kotlin Native. Jetbrians is doing a very bad job promoting it.

  3. Even though I am already working with Flutter I keep enjoying these introduction-typed videos. Also, @Matt, you are a great presenter. I think you are doing a great job on these and I love you on The Boring Show!

  4. It would be much better if google decoupled flutter from dart and instead, somehow, targeted llvm and jvm (and even .net) so developers can create first class apis for these languages. There are probably technical roadblocks that keep that from happening but it would be worth it as it would allow companies to adopt flutter with little resistance.

  5. Since so many people asked for it, I've transcribed the source code as close as possible. It can be found on my GitHub here: https://github.com/brandon-irl/CloudNextFlutterMapsDemo

  6. I need help doing this for my webpage and app asap! cant build app and i have asset trackers all hardware etc for renting scooters

  7. do i need to pay to use the map functionality ? as far as i know,we should use GCP services to do this. Credit card is required.

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