Bringing internet to Africa – VPRO documentary – 2015

Bringing internet to Africa – VPRO documentary – 2015

10 thoughts on “Bringing internet to Africa – VPRO documentary – 2015

  1. So much fluff being said. Africans seem really full of themselves, it's the Asian century, it seems they didn't get the memo.

  2. first the colonisers brought civilisation, then they enforced vicious order, consequently they plundered, robbed and destroyed the continent. Further the ex-colonizers continued their supremacy in ways economic and cultural. Now they peddle digital tools to the continents poorest and most marginalised with hopes of equality .. while the profit maximisation game is on as is. Including those who sponsor these great documentaries.

  3. Quite interesting.this shows us that if we decide to use wisely this mervelous tools that internet is,it can help to feel this trumendous gaps between us and the rest of the world keep pushing africa a bright future is waiting for us

  4. finally vpro my best documentary is in my county…..nairobi is good…moving faster than the rest of africa …i hub among others …start ups mainly from my university jomo Kenyatta university …welcome ..karibu

  5. Bringing internet, optic fibre networks, cell phones and smart technologies to Africa and the gullible Africans as expected are embracing everything. It’s like putting a crawfish in cold water 💦 and it says, oh this is nice and then you put it in hot 🥵 water 💧 and it says this is getting uncomfortable and before you know it, it’s in the fire 🔥 which is death. The one world 🌍 government agenda is gradually taking shape in Africa and the rest of the world. People of the world, particularly; the gullible Africans, wake up from your slumber?

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