96 thoughts on “BOOM!!! Samsung S9 Plus /SM-G965F/ Android 9. Remove Google Account.Bypass FRP.

  1. help! when i try to do the method of removing the sim and pressing on/off i only get an option to swipe to unlock no unlock button appears. Do i need to keep trying or what?

  2. Where can I install mobile team? I done a those steps but I don't know how about download that app

  3. Diese Methode funktioniert. Tolle Anleitung. Sogar mit noch späterer Version als die im video funktioniert es. Kleiner Hinweis: es funktioniert auch ohne Speicherkarte. Vielen Dank

    This method works. Great guide. Even with even later version than the one in the video it works. Small note: it works without a memory card. Many Thanks

  4. app not working , install can be finished , after many tried app instaled and working , if you want : install odin3 and update again fireware and boom , look this steps and work

  5. Hey so I ran into a problem. Everything worked great until the part where you clicked on the mobile unlock APK. Do I need to put the SD card in another phone to download it before I put it in the phone I'm trying to unlock? Please help

  6. thanks so much for this i tried everything .. but this actually worked so awesome good job also i didny have another phone to load my sd card so i just typed the media fire app link into browser same way you got apex launcher and that worked out fine

  7. Здравей. Имаш ли офис в Варна или ако не да ми препоръчаш някъде да го закарам моя да го оправят ? Цената на тази услуга каква е ? Благодаря ти !

  8. About to try this.. i also have odin and firmware downloading its a big file so it will take some time.. i also have a s8+ thats fine my s9 i forgot my Google acct.. would think there would be a way to flash over or something using nfc

  9. People stole my s9, search my phone was on. If they do this then I probably cannot find it anymore right…?

  10. I need help I bought a Samsung Galaxy s9 from someone and they said it was unlocked and I could switch over to it but when I tried and didn't know their old account information I couldn't start the phone it was saying detected unauthorized use what could I do

  11. After you're done by passing it can you still update your phone and reset your phone and still use it will the Google account show up again will it show up I never saw anyone do that after it's all done bypassing and getting in to the phone like new and finishing it after that can I still factur it will the google account show up again if I were to sell it will that Google account show up again

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