(The day of moving) -Are you ready?
-Yo! -Kuku, are you ready?
-Ku’s ready! Can he talk? Are you ready? (Moving to the new dorm!) -Are we really…
-Oh my! It’s this way. -Really?
-We used to come here so often. Hold on. I’m so nervous. Dalgom is really nervous
right now. (Hongik University) (Is the dorm near the street
of youngsters, Hongdae?) -Where is it?
-Is it that way? This is smack
in the middle of Hongdae. (Will the dorm be
on a main busy street?) (The members look for their new
dorm with fluttering hearts.) (Blackpink is moving!) (Looking around) -That scared me.
-That scared me. -Is it here?
-No way. -This is it.
-What is this? It’s a forest! -This is it, isn’t it?
-This is a house? -This is it, isn’t it?
-This is a house? -What is this?
-It looks like a castle. It’s like Alice in Wonderland. -It really does look like that.
-We found it. -Go in?
-Do we go in? -Okay.
-Do we really go in? -Let’s go.
-Is the door open? -Let’s go in!
-This looks like an entrance to an exhibition hall. (The interior is also
a dense forest.) This is giving me goose bumps.
This is amazing! I’m really getting goose bumps. Wow, look at this! -Oh my gosh!
-Oh my gosh! (The pink front door is open.) (At the end of the pretty
stone stairway…) (Welcome to Blackpink House.) (Welcome to Blackpink House) Oh my. It has pink roof tiles. (Everybody will know
that’s it’s Blackpink House.) This is great here. We could eat here. This is so nice. Weather is perfect for this now.
It will be too cold later. (Space just for Blackpink) (A crystal house
filled with natural lighting) (It will be a space where cute
girl’s talk will take place.) This is so nice. Wait a minute. How do we get in?
Do we go this way? Can we go in with our shoes on? What is this? That’s us. Wow! Look! There’s a picture of us.
Did you see it? Yes, I did. (A picture of the house owners
is hung in the entrance.) (The kitchen is decorated
with cute props.) (The sun warms up
the living room.) (The lighting makes it cozier.) (Blackpink House is just
as pretty as its owners.) -This is great!
-This is amazing! -Did you see our picture?
-Wow! -Where’s Lisa?
-Yo! Look at the mirror! -There’s a mirror.
-But first, -let me take a selfie.
-This is the photo zone. -This is amazing.
-Wow. This is great. This is really amazing.
This is a real house. Dalgom, let’s go on a diet here.
You’ve been eating too much. -Wow. This is really amazing!
-Great! This is wonderful!! (What are they so happy to see?) Welcome to Blackpink House! -This is amazing.
-Look at this! Welcome Blackpink House! -What is this? Amazing!
-This is so cool! (Cute kitchen props) (The kitchen supplies brings out
the desire to want to cook!) (A kitchen that you dream about
once in your life.) The kitchen
is really something else. I love big kitchens
because my father is a chef. I don’t cook well, I really like it. Oh my gosh. I really wanted this. TV! Sofa! Oh my gosh! We finally have somewhere to put
our legs when we’re on the sofa. Do you like that? I like this the best. I’m saying
that I like this the best. Are we sponsored by Samsung? -Oh yes!
-Thank you! It’s so nice here. I like this the best. -The window…
-This is what I’m talking about. It feels like I’m on a trip,
but even better. I’m even more excited
because we’ll be living here. What is that? It’s on the ceiling too. Maybe they want to tape us
making something. (Making eye contact
with the camera) (But there’s just too many
to do that.) Where are you going? -Wow!
-Let’s go. -Let’s go!
-This is so cool! I like things like this.
The window… (Out of the window on the second
floor, the pink roof is shown.) (The living room
on the second floor is open.) (This is a PC room for Jisoo
who likes playing games.) (The second floor is a more
personal space for the members.) I really like this place. -Look in here.
-Wow! (Squeaks like those of dolphins
are made automatically.) There’s a TV here too. It’s really
a house of my dreams. -Hey, look.
-I’m going to sleep here. -Hey, look.
-Look at that. All day in the pink. That is amazing. This is so cute. (You can see the day and night
sky in the pink zone.) (The secret area) -I think this is a room.
-Can that be a room? -Hold on. Should we open it?
-Oh my. -One, two, three!
-No, wait. (Cute) -This is so cute!
-This is amazing! (Fluffy and cozy bedroom) This is amazing! It’s all pink. It’s really cozy
and it has curtains too. Boss! Thank you. (I love you.) (Heart) (Boss, I like it too.) I’m ready to start living here. (Wait a minute.) (How will they choose
their roommates?) (How will the roommates be
chosen in the Blackpink House?) Let’s… (How will we choose?) We don’t have a leader. We all have problems
making decisions. Isn’t there something
more exciting? -Like what?
-Hide-and-seek. Hide-and-seek! -Wait a minute.
-The two of us… (I have a good idea!) Let’s listen
to what Lisa has to say. So let’s play
rock, paper, scissors first. Then the first and second place
go and choose the room first. -Oh! So we each choose a room?
-That sounds great! -Wow!
-We’re doing this too? (After playing
rock, paper, scissors) (They each choose a room,
winner first.) Let’s play
rock, paper, scissors! -Hey!
-What happened? Did we lose? -Rock, paper, scissors!
-Rock, paper, scissors! -You won.
-I get to choose first. Rock, paper, scissors! -Did you win?
-Do I chose last? I’ll go in first. (Which room should I choose?) (Looking) (Looking again) I didn’t look at the rooms
thoroughly before. (Going to the room
on the right) (Going back to the other room) (Jisoo chooses
the room on the left.) (This is so fun.) (Please keep quiet.) (Lisa is second
to choose a room.) Jisoo! Jisoo! Hey Jisoo… Where are you? Jisoo? (She really loves Jisoo.) Jisoo? Jisoo? Jisoo? (Which room
did silly Lisa choose?) (She chose the room on the left
and found Jisoo.) Why did you come here? -What if the others come here?
-What? What happens if the others
come here too? Do we have to play another game? Gosh. I don’t know.
Why did you come here? (Rosé is the third person go.) (She sings to release
the nervousness!) (Jumping) Where are you? Hello? (Chae Young Park is making the
biggest decision of her life.) (Twirling) I don’t know what to do. (I will choose the room
by twirling.) (Oh!) I’m so dizzy,
but I think I chose that room. I’m coming in! Okay! I think they’re all
in this room already. (Curious) How do I open it? (Acting real cute,
Rosé chooses her room!) (Jennie goes last.) (Making her won BGM) My decision was made
from the beginning. (Which room will Jennie choose?) Hi! What if no one is in here? (Welcome… Jennie…) (We’re doomed!) (Does Rosé get to have
her own room?) -Chae Young, come out here.
-Come out. I thought everyone would be
in this room. Oh really? I think I really like
the sunlight. Do we have a member
who likes sunlight? I especially like it. (The room on the right
is full of sunlight.) (Who will be the member to be
roommates with sunflower Rosé?) -Hold on. Then…
-How should we decide on this? -Let’s do the ladder game.
-Make lines like this? Make three lines? (Is it a magical spell?) Let’s go, Chae Young. It’s the first time
to share a room with Chae Young. It’s the first time you’re
sharing a room with me, right? Welcome. I’ve never been roommates
with her, so I’ve wanted to share
a room with her once. -How do I open this?
-This is the boss’s hat. -You and the boss’s hat.
-That’s right. Food should be
right next to my bed. Then that’s next to my bed too.
Yes! That’s so funny. (Laughing) That’s so cute. (Good work on moving.)

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