Best WordPress SEO Plugins Compared – Yoast, AIO SEO, SEO Framework, SEOPress, + More (2018)

Best WordPress SEO Plugins Compared – Yoast, AIO SEO, SEO Framework, SEOPress, + More (2018)

Everybody that is using WordPress for their
website absolutely 100% needs an SEO plug-in if Google rankings and sharing on social media
matters in the very least to you you absolutely need one in this video were to look at some
of the top SEO plug-ins for WordPress try to help go through some the information to
see which one performs better and also which one would best meet your needs hi my name
is Adam from Remick WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you’re
new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and click on the notification belt
and you to let you know what I have a new video okay so working to go over these plug-ins
in this video and I’m also going to do just some kind of a preliminary way of testing
some of its performance in WordPress but I think before we go into looking at these plug-ins
it’s best just kind of have a quick discussion about what an SEO plug-in even does on a WordPress
website and why you even wanted in the first place essentially a WordPress SEO plug-in
is just going to give you greater control over how search engines see your website is
can give you control over how it processes the data that is on your website will also
give you the ability to set the metadata for all of your content on your website so a good
example of this is set here’s a quick Google search and we take a look at it and we scroll
down a little bit you can see each of these links have a title sets and then they have
a little bit of information underneath the link this is called metadata and with an SEO
plug-in journey to be able to customize what that metadata is for every post or page on
your website now with that is you’re able to set the social media metadata as well so
that’s if someone takes the link to a page or post on your website and then paste that
in on Twitter or on Facebook or on LinkedIn or any of the social media sites with an NCO
plug-in you’re going to be able to put in what actually will end up showing on Facebook
Twitter LinkedIn those are some examples of how an SEO plug-in gives you control over
how a search engine and also the social media networks see the data and show the data from
your website now a lot of these SEO plug-ins also do some content analysis that’s where
you are in there and it says put in a focus keyword and this would be the keyword that
you would like your your than what the content you’re creating to rank for in a search engine
and it does some analyzing of the content so that it can also make some suggestions
of how you might want to use that keyword a little bit more or perhaps in different
ways this is great for beginners however if you had a website for any length of time this
is kind of rudimentary type of stuff and you probably for me and anyhow I don’t use that
feature in any SEO plug-in anyways but I do think it’s fantastic for beginners next and
SEO plug-in will give you the ability to control the indexing of various areas of your website
so a perfect example is when you use tags on posts what happens is WordPress creates
this tag index page that’s typically not a good thing so with an NCO plug-in you can
decide which tags or categories even down to individual posts and pages do you want
to have the search engines actually index someone can search and find that content on
your website and lastly something that most of these SQL plug-ins will also do is create
a site map and that’s going to be a list of all of your different types of contents and
it’s good to be all organized in a format that search engines really like to see and
process now most of these SEO plug-ins also have a pro or a premium version and there
is a pretty typical set of features that you would be paying for and expect in a pro version
1 of these would be redirects so what a redirect this essay you remove or remove a piece of
content on your website while a redirect would be something that tells a search engine hey
we move the content it’s not here anymore now it’s over here this is actually very good
thing in a very important thing for your website another typical feature that you would get
out of the Pro version is WooCommerce based SCO’s all of these things were talking about
you could do that with product pages from your WooCommerce store another one would be
a local SEO another one would be video SEO this essentially creates a video site map
of the various videos that are on the various pages or post on your website and a last feature
you don’t really see this on all of them but there is one that you do and this is white
labeling white labeling is great if you’re an agency and you like to deliver the websites
your client and let them log in the white labeling’s nice not a license to resell but
what the plug-in that shows in the Bakken of WordPress you can control the text there
a lot of agencies and people that are quoting website projects really like white labeling
features now there’s a kind of a new breed of SEO plug-in that has been creeping out
while they been out for maybe a year or two in these are SEO plug-ins that are kind of
tied into a software as a service platform where there is an associated monthly fee and
these SEO plug-ins attend to offer a bit of keyword research that you can do from within
WordPress are on their software as a service platform so it ends up being kind of a convenience
feature for those that don’t know the keywords that they might want to target for the content
that they are creating lastly I want to give some tips on how to decide which plug-in you
would want to use on your website think the most important first question to ask in that
situation is do you ever plan on purchasing the Pro version because if you’re not planning
on purchasing a Pro version and you might choose one plug-in but if you were going to
purchase a Pro version you might want to go a different route altogether and lastly what
is the purpose of your website is it just a brochure website is it a website primarily
about blogging or you’re doing a lot of blogging on the website there might be some different
selections based upon that as well, go through all of those in this video’s okay such as
jump on into it and start cranking through these so what I plan on doing is I have a
WordPress installation right here and I have these plug-ins here installed and when I’m
in a dues I’m going to activate each one and then I’m going to go to the front and do a
refresh and then we have this query monitor here now this websites running on my local
machine so the load time is not going to admit you gotta take that with a grain of salt the
only real performance indicator would be the amount of queries that get run when the page
is actually loaded now the largest bottleneck this is the thing that slows WordPress websites
down is typically when these queries happen on your web hosting account so that’s when
someone comes your website and then WordPress has to go to your database and retrieve some
information so queries is a decent enough indicator but I just am putting this in here
I don’t want to say that if one SEO plug-in it is executing more requires more queries
that it’s going to be slower I’m just putting this information there it’s kind of hard to
compare the performance of some of these plug-ins so this is just going to give us one indication
however I don’t want you to interpreted as me implying that one of these is going to
run faster than the other one okay so when you go to WordPress the WordPress plug-in
directory and do a search for SEO you can have a variety of plug-ins that, and so there’s
a couple of the like market leaders the most recognizable names in WordPress as a yoke
and the first one of those is Yoast SEO and here is Yoast’s website right here and so
Yoast is free they also have a premium version of Yoast and there’s several add on plug-ins
to Yoast Yoast is the number one use WordPress SEO plug-in for WordPress meaning it has the
most active installations out of any of these WordPress SEO plug-ins now Yoast has been
criticized in the past the for being ace a plug in that will may slow down your website
there have been people that have said that I’m not saying that it does I actually don’t
think it has a significant impact in the speed of your website more concerned with other
things with Yoast SEO so let’s first share some of my concerns with Yoast and so essentially
Yoast being the big 800 pound gorilla in the room it’s the one that people most recognize
when you hear the word WordPress SEO they think Yoast now if you view skills for any
particular amount of time you’ll know that Yoast is constantly releasing updates and
if you look at the chains are not a lot is happening in these updates the release of
point updates and then the B lots of bug fixes that next week or two weeks I think if you
or to count it all up my guess is maybe there’s about five or more updates per month these
are updates that are really adding any significant feature and that’s because all these plug-ins
most of the feature sets that are already out there and they all kinda pretty much do
the same thing and there’s no one really doing anything additional to make one stand out
over the other and that’s why one of the things that I’m to be looking at when I compare all
of these happens to be price because a lot of these are doing the same exact thing so
then if if they all do the same thing the one you want one of things you want to look
at is maybe their reputation and in the past if there’s been serious bugs or issues and
costs now if you followed this channel for two months or longer you know that I made
a video about a month ago about a huge issue that happened with the Yoast SEO plug-in and
that was in a February 2018 they released version 7 and there was a period of time where
if you upgraded from a prior version of version 7 bad things happen to your website and it
took 2 1/2 months for Yoast to acknowledge it even though people were asking them about
it pretty much right away on Facebook and twitter took them 2 1/2 months to acknowledge
and come out with some kind of a fix let me tell you what kind of happen there so what
happened in this update is imagine this right here is your website content now this right
here is some pretty good pretty strong dispatch and it’s the words you can see I’ve been pretty
busy here drinking this imagine this is your website in this is the that content on your
website it is potent it is strong ghoul comes to your website and they see this and they
say that is some good quality stuff right there well if you updated to version 7 what
ended up happening just pretend this bottle water here is the images on your website and
you got some great images and say maybe you might have say 30 posts of high quality content
on your website but you might have maybe 200 images so you had this really potent stuff
right here and then what that update did was mix the two together so that at the end of
the day at that after you upgraded the potent website content that you had was no longer
potent because it was now mixed with all of these images I know that’s kind of a oversimplification
but you know if I took a sip of this it wouldn’t give me the same impact as if I took a sip
of it before all of that was mixed together what I am saying was if you got stuck with
this bug if this bug happened to you you got screwed and your website ranking tanks and
it was a really bad situation for a lot of people now this wasn’t fixed till 2 1/2 months
later in the way it got fixed was you would have to install this a plugged in here that
they released called search index purge and this was to purge out so the example the water
to purge out all of this water out of the alcohol and so that’s what this was here to
do and you can see that this plug-in has over 10,000 websites that it’s installed in so
this was a big problem and I have a very difficult time with Yoast and I don’t think I will ever
use Yoast on the website again because of this a lot of people want to cut Yoast the
slack the reason I don’t cut them slack is because it took him 2 1/2 months to fix this
problem even though people were talking to them about it professional NCOs that monitor
their website traffic monitoring the rankings they were being down there door let them know
this was going on but it took 2 1/2 months for a fix to get released and the way it was
released wasn’t even in a big announcement that most people were aware of some of the
interesting to see how many additional inns and installations hit this plug-in but this
is one of the reasons why I won’t go with Yoast the second reason is it’s a very expensive
remember I said if you want to go with a professional version that’s one of these criteria is that
you need to consider so with Yoast it’s very expensive so all of their licensing is on
a per site basis so Yoast a premium on its own it’s not too bad it’s $89 per year per
website but there’s other things that they kind of nickel and dime you on you don’t get
everything for $89 per year if you have WooCommerce well that’s gonna be an extra things like
$69 let me go right here to a list of all of the add-ons to Yoast so $89 doesn’t get
you everything so video SEO that’s another $69 per site per year a local SEO that’s another
$69 per site per year news SEO 69 local SEO for WooCommerce 129 per site per year and
WooCommerce SEO is $49 per year it’s a very expensive if you needed stages three of those
and you added it all up your almost at $300 per year per website now after comparing Yoast
with other plug-ins there is one area that they have kind of covered where you might
want to consider despite everything I just said using Yoast and that is if you have a
blog there is a feature in the professional version of Yoast that is really neat and what
it does is it analyzes all of the content on your website and when your say writing
on a blog post it will give you suggestions of other pieces of content on your website
to interlink to while you’re creating the content on your poster page so if your blogger
that is actually a big deal and that to me would justify the $89 that one feature alone
and this is not a feature that I’ve seen in any of these other plug-ins so even though
I was just criticizing Yoast for all of the reasons that you heard me criticize them for
here I am saying that this is definitely a great reason to use Yoast but it’s the only
reason I would use Yoast today and I’m sure eventually a lot of these will come to their
competitors okay someone to go back here a minute click on plug-ins right here and you
can see all I have installed is the query monitor I’m in a go here a minute do a refresh
I’m not implying anything by there’s results but if I do couple refreshes here we can see
the low times about 27 seconds is on my local machine and there’s 31 queries with no SEO
plug-in installed so if I go ahead and activate Yoast like this in your receipts now activated
I’m in a go to the front and so with nothing it’s 31 I do refresh it’s jumped up to 49
queries so it adds 18 queries to each page load now this is not having tweaked any of
the Yoast the settings there is an out a way of going in the back and there and and disabling
certain features that it comes with if you go to SEO you go to general you click on features
you can toggle off some of these features okay so that is the performance impact of
Yoast whether or not your hosting is fast I’m not trying to say that that that Yoast
slows down your website it all by doing that I’m just showing you the difference in queries
that actually occur on each piece of information that’s loaded on your website account go ahead
and deactivate that number to get through the other ones a lot quicker than this say
we have all in one SEO pack this is probably the number two most installed WordPress SEO
plug-in it is right here they also have a professional version now their professional
version is more affordable and they don’t nickel and dime you quite as much as you’re
getting nickel and dime with Yoast so a single site license is $60 a 10 pack 118 and an unlimited
license is 559 and this is per year and it claims it’s 50% off I have a tendency to think
that maybe it’s always 50% off but this is going to give you that WooCommerce SEOPress
can give you the video SEO site maps it’s all going to be included in the Pro version
you don’t have to buy a Pro version and then by 15 other add-ons just to get what should
be in the Pro version okay so this is all-in-one SEO so let me go back here a minute ago and
endure refresher to see the queries from Yoast for 49 I do refresh it goes back down to 31
I will activate all in one Seo pack right here and let me go to the front and I’ll do
a refresher went from 31 actually may do another refresh actually it didn’t go up at all so
that is all in one Seo pack and that could be just because of some of the settings not
saying that this test is saying one thing or another okay someone to go ahead and deactivate
all in one Seo pack on one is your bag is really good it’s it’s a good plug and a lot
of people prefer this to Yoast obviously and it’s kinda neck and neck just a few million
installations that connect a few million installations behind Yoast anyway so that is all in one
SEO pack I have a link in the video description box down below the next one is the SEO Framework
I was actually on this page are trying to find a cost for this so there’s a free version
to this as well and then there is a paid version of this is one of the simplest no-frills type
of clean interface easy to use it doesn’t add much blow to your website it all SEO plug-ins
a lot of people fanatically all of the SEO Framework and I think it’s really good is
like a quick look at the cost of the premium version and like I said before what you can
expect in a premium version click on get license and here is the price you can see they have
kind of a similar pricing model for their Pro version it’s not cheap at all one sites
$59 per year but if you are seen agency and you have 10 sites it’s now 299 per year for
those and so that is the SEO framework and see the logic in what I was saying that you
really want to look at these things and say am I going to buy a Pro version because if
you’re going to want to buy a Pro version you’re gonna see that there is a better option
for that so okay so this is the SEO Framework it is fantastic a lot is run as they all do
the same thing just do a quick test of that right now so here is the SEO Framework out
click on activates and now it’s activated and I’ll do a refresh notes from 31 queries
back to 31 actually I don’t know this is lying to me that doesn’t seem to accurate but what
were still back at 31 so that’s a good thing so that’s the SEO Framework now her to talk
about some of these actually I want to talk about’s really and let’s talk about SEOPress
SEOPress is one of the newer SEO plug-ins for WordPress and its of there’s a free version
and there’s also a Pro version now SEOPress is the one that’s breaking the mold so you
saw the plug-ins I showed you I showed you the pricing I showed you what you got when
you paid for a version it’s all really expensive you know and that’s what it’s like weird to
me about this whole SEO thing I mean it’s not like it’s your page builder or your theme
I mean this is expensive stuff but it’s not really I mean an SEO plug-in doesn’t just
magically get you great rankings you still have to put the work in and so I you would
think that the main tool of your website would be your page builder but I’m finding all these
SEO plug-ins cost more then your page builder would even cost enters as a SEOPress and this
is where it’s totally different with this plug-in so they have a different model so
they have the free version is can have all the free stuff that I told you can expect
from a free plug-in but their paid version is $39 per year but that’s not per website
this is for unlimited websites so they are looking at this and they’re trying to disrupt
this whole way of pricing and SEO plug-in and you know this this actually seems a little
low to me I’ve already talked to the developer the price is going to increase to a think
59 or $89 at some point right now it’s only $39 so if you’re watching this video in six
months and it was $59 then $69 whatever just make sure you subscribe to the channel because
I try to keep you up-to-date on these things but right now you get this for $39 now that’s
all fine and dandy but what does it come with public house with everything so you get white
label and by the way it’s the only again I saw that had white label I think a SEO Framework
might have it you get the white label that I talked about which is good if you’re an
agency but you get everything with this get the WooCommerce SEO the video site maps you
get just the list goes on and on everything that I said you could expect from a pro version
you get it all with this they don’t really hold anything back really and one of the things
I really like about using this plug-in and I’ll have a full tutorial on this soon as
you can enable or disable every feature so you can know there’s a feature that doesn’t
apply and you say you do not can have videos on your website we don’t have to have that
enabled and you won’t see the settings for it in the settings don’t get loaded for it
there’s no extra bloat so you can have the features on and off much like I showed you
with Yoast a moment ago so here is SEOPress now they have a free version and you can go
in there and test out the free version and then upgrade to the paid version I do have
a referral link for this it said that BP crafted dock/SEOPress I just thought I’d throw that
in but definitely check out the interface on this when the interface is beautiful so
let’s go ahead and check that out so let me disabled the SEO Framework right here now
I just have the three version installed of SEOPress so go ahead and activated and we
go here and we can see it’s got a very beautiful very simple user interface and I really like
the user interface I looked at Yoast I’d like tested every single user interface and it
like any of them but this one is simple this one is beautiful and you can see right here
is the ability to toggle on or off any of these features you can just click this and
turn them off if that’s what you wanted to do okay so let me go here do a quick refresh
and we went up one query from 31 to 32 which is very minimal so this is SEOPress right
here now lastly I wanted to talk about those two types of software as a service integrated
SEO plug-ins let me go ahead and deactivate this and we will take a first and look at
squarely now the reason I’m bringing up squirrel he is because one of the subscribers here
on the digital channel has brought this SEO plug-in up multiple times checkouts
really checkouts really check it out so this is squarely on the go ahead and activated
now remember I said it kind of merges in sort of a software as a service aspect for and
of usually it’s keyword research and so here you can see the prices of that right here
so they do have a free plan that allows you to do three keyword searches per month and
then there’s some other typical keyword research type information that would come with that
like search volume to make sure you’re going after the terms that people actually search
your competition some social intelligence and all that so gives you this additional
information that you can typically only get from the software as a service type of deal
also all that information’s are right here and then the pro version of that first bump
up is 30 bucks a month and it’s good to give you more opportunity to research keywords
okay so that’s a swirly I want to go here and activated there some things I don’t like
about scrolling right off the bat when you activate it you gotta pop your email address
in which I think is fine except when I put my email address in I didn’t know that I was
also signing up for a newsletter and I started getting newsletter type emails of course are
legit you know there’s an unsubscribe in the footer of the email which is cool but I didn’t
know I was doing that when I gave them my email address so that was just one of the
things I didn’t look and there’s some things that this really doesn’t come to take over
the user interface such as scrolling all of these this kind of category of SEO plug-ins
are kinda going to do the same thing so if I go into posts here and then here’s my poster
to see we’ve got some non-standard WordPress you looking stuff right here that squirrel
he does so WordPress will look a little less like WordPress’85 Do a quick refresh here
31 queries was our baseline and then it just went up to 37 queries with swirly which is
not bad so next is WebTextTool and if you have been on the channel since the beginning
of 2018 there was an AppSumo deal for WebTextTool in January 2018 and this is another one of
those software as a service integrated into the plug-in you should if you did by the deal
you should go and check it out now what this is that there is a platform on the website
that you can log into and that’s where you can do all your searches you can create your
content and everything like that you can do collaborations if you have writers they can
write the content put the content in there and then anyways then you take this content
whatever is written and you can put it right into your WordPress website it does a lot
of that content analysis and everything you need to do some searches and stuff within
the plug-in but if you did by this you should check it out because they just redid the interface
on the software as a service side of things when you log to the website I was in there
of the other day and it looks very very nice kind of the cost for this is of the same thing
about 15 bucks per month if you paid annually or 19 per month if you paid monthly and it
kinda gives you a lot of those swirly limits now the reason I bring this up mostly is because
AppSumo has had the WebTextTool on their platform for sale for a lifetime deal in past years
they had in 2018 as well they might have it again in early 2019 who knows know for me
I would prefer a dedicated keyword research tool versus having one that’s kind of tied
into the SEO plug-in on my website they know with all of that said what would what do I
use well on I do have Yoast I’ve had Yoast since day one on there I am
a little upset about some of things that happen with the off-site express that earlier in
this video but I still have it I haven’t switch yet I do have a lot of written content on
my website so I do like the the link suggestions that it gives me when I’m inside my website
creating a piece of content that’s a very useful tool and that’s why said even though
I’m being hard on Yoast there is a great use case scenario for it however if I was building
a new website today 100% would be SEOPress and I know of a lot of agencies that have
been buying SEOPress because it just makes sense when you look at the cost of it only
being $39 per year is rocksolid it has white labeling and it has all these features into
it so on the next website I build I’m 100% going to be using SEOPress now if you’re an
agency I would totally recommend going this route now I just wanted to say though to wrap
this all up that you know the plug-in that you choose they’ll cut it pretty much do the
same thing with the exception of the professional versions and with the exception of Yoast and
the content analysis are all pretty much doing the same thing you can install and activate
this on your website but you’ve got to put the work in and you’ve got to use the tool
configure the tool properly so what I want to do is all of these tools that I just did
talk about in this video I’m going to have a deeper review and tutorial can be partial
review because it was already in this video but it’s gonna be more of a tutorial on how
to set that up the right way on your WordPress website number to try to have those stripped
out over the next couple of days or weeks now if you’re watching this video just go
ahead and look in the video description box and I’ll keep putting the links to those videos
inside the video description if there was a particular plug in that you liked and you
decided that you want to use so that you can get to the total tutorial you’ll definitely
learn a few things if you’re new to SEL plug-ins or even experience definitely show you a few
things about setting each one of these up so anyways I want to hear what you think in
the comment section envelope number one that I believe any plug-ins out number two was
I too harsh on Yost number three after everything that I talked about did I did I leave out
some bits of information that would be good things to consider when choosing one of these
SEO plug-ins and number four what’s your favorite SEO plug-in and did this video change your
mind in any way I’d love to hear from you in the comment section down below thanks for
spending this time with me and I’ll see you in the next video

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  14. Outrageously helpful! Thanks! I'm looking for an seo plugin and was about to buy yoast as I was not aware of the others. This sort of survey tutorial is much more helpful at the "just getting started" stage than one that just focuses on a particular plugin! It definitely looks like it will be SEOPress for me!

  15. I feel very grateful to you for all you share. I have learned a ton! Thank You! I'm probably going to change over to SEO Press. I stumbled across this: Adding the title and meta descriptions part looks confusing to me. Do you really just copy and past the codes into the header.php file? I was hoping you had an understanding of it. Thanks

  16. Adam, do you know by chance how with Yost or any other SEO plugin, make the search result show not only title of the website but it`s pages as well? And how long does it usually takes for SEO plugin to take effect? Thank you!

  17. thanks for comparing all the plugins adam, you make things so easy for us. Thanks for that 🙂 and yes seems like seopress would be worth it!

  18. hi you should check consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matches your blog posts with other consolety users in the consolety network based on title's, tags categories and language. Meaning 100% accurate matching that is rellevant all done for you by the consolety network. you can find it on wordpress plugins section simply by googling for consolety.

  19. Hey Adam, Great video. Can we use SEOPress in conjunction with WebText Tool? Seems like they do somewhat different things.

  20. Hi Adam, I have become a regular viewer of your videos and I need to install an SEO plugin in one of the websites. I would have installed yoastseo by default but I am also waiting for your seopress video to see if I can install seopress instead of any other seo plugin. Looking forward to your video on seopress. Thank you and God Bless you !!

  21. Hello , you still planning on doing a seopress tutorial ? You still recommend it over yoast on new websites?

  22. Thanks, will switch to SEOPress based on this video 🙂 Will use the ref link as a thank you for the video.

  23. First of all, thank you so much Adam. You are a fabulous instructor! Secondly, can I get your opinion please…I currently have Yoast. I have 1 website (will only ever have 1 website). I sell PDF digital knitting patterns using WooCommerce. I do not and never will have a blog. Obviously, I don't run with you big dogs but I want to use the best plugin for what I do. Knowing that about my site… what plugin would you suggest I go with? I will pay for premium if you think it would help my site. Thank you.

  24. I learned about SEOPress in the Elementor Facebook community and love it. Previously I used Yoast and found it nice, but as an agency, it is really expensive. I agree with you Adam I'm not sure why these SEO plugins are expensive minus SEOPress. I am also shocked to hear in order to fix the Yoast bug you also have to download an additional plugin for cleanup. I was not aware of this and makes me even more upset with Yoast. I thought with their bug release everything was fixed. We are changing all of your clients over to SEOPress.

  25. SEO Press looks soooo tempting! Can't wait to try it! Thank you for doing the comparison! By the way your new video formats just look super great; good job!

  26. Adam, is an SEO plugin a crucial component? What if you didn't have ANY SEO plugin at all? What would happen with the search engines in regards to your site? Is there a way to "do" SEO without a plugin? (This doesn't sound like something I'd be willing to pay for. Websites have enough expenses, esp. when you have one that doesn't really generate much revenue at all.)

  27. I see when using Divi and SEOPress together SEOPress pulls the Shortcode information for their "Meta Description" and "Google Snippet Preview" so to use it with Divi or Extra themes you would have to manually input these or it would make them unreadable.

  28. While I can agree with a lot of what you said, I in no way can endorse wasting scotch in such a way. Even cheap scotch like Dewar's deserves a better fate.

  29. Thank you Adam for helpaking an SEO decision. I've had an eerie feeling about Yoast. The only God thing is their suggestion to tie in previous blogs to my present one.

    I will definitely look into SEOPress

  30. Thanks for this breakdown. I'm an SEO newbie and this helped me make a decision of which plugin to purchase and most important I need things to be user friendly. It's frustrating reading the details about a plugin and then once it's installed and have to take days to figure out how to use it.

  31. Pleasedo a full seo press pro tutorial for a new website owner andwhat he needs to do to fill the back end with the proper info for google to index it…thanks

  32. hi adam, i really don't know which one to used or how to start. is there any suggest for me as a beginner on wordpress and elementor? please help me

  33. SEO tools comparison, good idea for a video. Interesting to see how many people like SEOPress. It would be great to see a similar comparison with keyword research tools. Cam you suggest a helpful keyword research tool?

  34. Hello!

    I'm trying SeoPress and SeoPressor; SeoPress is like Yoast Premium and have a couple features more and Seopressor have LSI search feature, but I'm unsure anybody use some of this?

  35. hey man what about SemRush? There is a lot of good reviews about it. Im planning to buy premium version. Would like to know your wisdom opinion.

  36. Adam seems you like Elementor as much as I do, been looking for a good SEO plugin working along with Elementor and came across this vid. so I'm going to take SEOPres a shot. thanks for this comparison 🙂

  37. I have 3 new sites waiting for a new SEO tool. Tried BAVOKO SEO and am not happy. Sounds like SEO Press is next to try. Very informative, thanks!

  38. Just venturing out into the WP/Elementor/OceanWP world and find your comments on Yoast very interesting. I am considering SEO Press at the moment for my new WP clients.

  39. Adam…thanks for this helpful video…great job as always. And…I had to laugh out loud about the scotch bottle…too funny.

  40. This was very helpful! Do you know if any are going to have anything special for podcasts? I don't know what it would be but it would be awesome if they came out with something.

  41. Thank you Adam. I'm just using the free version of Yoast, but I have heard good things about SEO Press. I probably need to learn more, will watch your detailed videos.

  42. I just bought Elementor Pro and Astra Pro via your link. Got my website online and ready to go. Then I installed Yoast and found that I cannot see the Yoast features at the bottom of my page. I have to use Elementor as editor, as it is built with that and if I want to change to the normal editor, I get warnings that it might break my site. So, how do you use the Yoast features on an Elementor page? Or is it an Astra issue? I searched for vids explaining how to use Yoast in Elementor but found none.

  43. My blog is more than a year old now and was using Yoast. I had some problem, had tweeted, they replied also. But this video helped to install purge plugin. Thanks. I tried squirrely for a few days, then uninstalled. About 2 months back as suggested by someone, tried Seo press but after a few days noticed a heavy bounce rate. On checking found that category links are showing a 404 not found. So, uninstalled and reinstalled Yoast. Seopress had migrated data from Yoast, but reversing created problem and had to update SEO with Yoast for new posts used with SEO press. 2/3 days back read a blog suggesting SEO Framework as better. Experts talk their views and it all confuse newbies.

  44. Thanks for the video!😁 ? We also publish videos about SEO! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀 Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!😀


  45. Hi Adam, what about the Rank Math plugin? They have some incredible claims and it's SUPER new, but it also has OUTSTANDING reviews…. and free

  46. Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  47. My sitemap( is not being accepting by Google search console.

    It is saying = "Sitemap could not be read".

    But I verified with other sitemap verifier tools and it is valid. Could you please help, what went wrong?

  48. I started a niche site on Last Christmas. I use Yoast Seo and I'm very surprised. I know some basic stuff about SEO. But with this plugin, after 2 months of launching a site, I have reached first google page and about 6-8 position (after paid search and monsters like Wikipedia, etc.) on the search results on that first page. I think that is impressive.

  49. I'm confused! I built a site a few years ago and used yoast and it was fine. I have just put it on my new site and I'm not happy, it seems far too complicated. It's telling me I cant use key words that are pertinent to my site, and that I'm using passive voice etc ….. seriously. it's coming off. My question is, do we really need these plugins? surely if you build a quality site with plenty of content it we be found and ranked by search engines anyway? Or have I got it all wrong ?

  50. Rank Math looks like game changer but pretty new, what do u think about that Adam? also, why they are giving all the awesome features for free? will/did u change your seo yoast to another one?

  51. What about rank math. We can add upto 5 keywords and it's entirely free with customer support. It has redirects sections too. waiting for your reply sir

  52. Nice review. I'm now liking Seopress. But please make a review about Rank Math Seo plugin as well because I'm still really confused of what to choose. Rank math is getting popularity now because of the feature "NOFOLLOW EXTERNAL links". But I heard once you use Rank Math, you no longer have chance to switch to other seo plugins. Please review Rank math as well. I wanna know if it's good or bad.. Because if it's bad for the site, then my choice I think will be seopress. (I SUB because of you good tips)

  53. Hey Adam, thanks for the video. How about Rank Math? I use SEO Framework and on another website RM. Not sure if there is any benefit. I know one thing that in SEOFramwork I need Google XML Sitemaps plugin in another I had to remove it. I also use WPSchemePro and I don`t use Google Analytics (Console, Yes). I would like to know what`s the real difference between RM and SEOPress? Anyone here? Meanwhile I will try myself too.

  54. I tried SEOPress and I have to say it is garbage! It messed up my product page meta descriptions. Made my pages look horrible. After doing some more research and playing around with it, I have to say it is very buggy. Yes, it is cheap for a reason I think. I've installed The SEO Framework which seems to work "RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX" with no bugs or whistles.

  55. All in One Seo interfered with my ability to edit in Elementor – I was getting “server error 500” errors when updating a page. I submitted a support ticket to my host SiteGround. They deactivated All in One Seo and the problem disappeared.

  56. I had Yoast Premium, and every extension pack… that Yoast bug was not the first time. Before that they had even more severe issues that I instructed my entire web team to abandon Yoast on site installs. There reviews even tanked as they got smashed on the WordPress plugin reviews page…even as low as 3.9 stars until they started to literally spam the plugin reviews page with spam links. I have the proof and saw how they got there review score back to 4.7 with bs reviews.

    I just voted with my wallet. It as a better move as I went with AIO seo and got agency license and covered enough to get sites number 1 on google very easily. I stick with what works until its too costly and support is garbage like Yoast was. Over 200+ installs later, I'm still happy with AIO.

  57. Have you looked at the Rank Math for SEO , I heard it is really good. Can you share your opinion please. Thanks

  58. Hello Adam, I am a newby at building a site with wordpress, so can you tell me what is the meaning of 31 quiries or 37 or 48 quiries. What is a quirey. Are more quiries better than fewer quiries. If yes, then is yoast not the best of all the seo plugins because it had teh most quiries.

  59. thanks for the useful tutorial, really amazing, but I had a little problem which I hope that you can advise solving, when I share my website link with my friends over Whatsapp, it shows a different photo, not the same which I had specifying for social media, can you explain the reason, please?

  60. I work with DIVI and Yoast's history hasn't been sweet – so I watched this video for other options. It's currently more than a year since you made this video and SEOpress is still $ 39 – So I bet you can guess what I'm going to try out. Thanks, Adam! I appreciate your time in preparing these videos and the way you present the material. You do a great job, and I'm thankful! EDIT: Now I see you have a whole set-up video for SEO press so I'm off to watch that. Thanks.

  61. Hey Adam, any thoughts on Rank Math? , great tutorials by the way …and any videos on directory plugins GeoDirectory and use with Astra pro? thanks, Adam

  62. This was an awesome video! Thank you so much for your input on these plugins. For the past few months I have been debating between Yoast Pro and AllInOne SEO Pack and for the life of me I couldn't make a decision because (as a newbie website owner who is just starting out) I felt that both of these prices were a bit too high, (as I don't exactly need anything quite THAT robust just yet but still wanted some of the Pro features that weren't available with their freebie plugins.
    Now, thanks to this video, I just purchased the SEOPress plugin and feel relieved! Thank you again so much for creating valuable videos like this for people like me who are just starting to get their feet wet. I am now a subscriber too. 🙂

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