27 thoughts on “Arduino MK802 Based Mobile Web Server Robotic Platform Controlled via javascript with node.js

  1. Čestitke da si prišel na Slashdot, samo ne vem kaj je tako posebnega pri tem robotu. Pa prosim nauči se v stavke dodajat angleške člene a/an.

  2. Dude, ditch the usb hub for a 2 dollar one (A usb hub single chip ic like the gl850/852) , pop the case for both the hub and the mk802, and ditch the usb cables. That will save you atleast half a pound of weight.

  3. The Hackberry A10 has two exposed usb ports on the pcb to which nothing is soldered. You could attach a micro USC connection to either of the two if you feel like doing a little bit of soldering work.

  4. Will any Arduino clone work with an ODroid U2 board under Ubuntu Linaro 12.11 ARM ? How did you interface it with your MK802 softwarewise ? Sorry I am a newbie. Thank you

  5. Thank you for your fast response ! Do you have any resources to recommend so that I can leanr more about Arduinos etc.. ? (websites or books)

  6. Do I need to install additional packages in order to make the Arduino communicate with the ARM board ? I've heard about Firmata firmware for Arduino boards. Is it required ? Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much ! You have really saved me a lot of time. I was searching through a tons of threads and website but did not find the answers. One last question : which Arduino model would you recommend for me ? I see you used the Uno model.

  8. Andrej, very cool, respect!

    If it's not hard, please, write what hardware was used for this robot:
    – MicroPC MK802,
    – Arduino UNO,
    – what model of motors?
    – what model of motor drivers?
    – any other devices or hardware?

    Thanks a lot for your answer!

  9. АААААААААААААА!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Злой ученый гений-коммунист из восточной европы 🙂


  10. Hi great project.
    1) Can you generally use all android mini pcs WITHOUT a vga monitor being attached to it ? I want to buy QC802 RK3188 Quad Core Android 4.2 to make an embedded system(ie i wont have a large monitor attached). will the device boot without a monitor attached?
    2) Can you interface arduino and android operating system as opposed to ubuntu.
    3)Where can i read up on integrating arduino and android, as well as your project without asking a tonne of beginner questions.
    thanks kindly

  11. Hello, I'm trying to do the same with a ug802 and picuntu, but not how to make picuntu recognize the arduino, which version of Ubuntu are working and where you can go? and because arduino port by connecting to USB or OTG? Thank you. [email protected]

  12. Do you have an idea which size the DC-jack is? I need USB-DC cable for the hub as I'd like to connect it to a powerbank!

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