AliDropship Review & Tutorial – Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress? – 2019!

AliDropship Review & Tutorial – Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress? – 2019!

Hey guys, it’s Hogan here and in this video I’m gonna be giving you a brief review of the ollie dropship plug-in Which is a wordpress plugin to add a drop shipping store to your website Okay and I’ll be showing you briefly how to use it because I know a lot of you might be on the fence whether or not You could just stick with your WordPress store or you want to switch over to Shopify and oberlin for dropshipping? So personally, I think Shopify is a great platform to use for beginners to build out a drop shipping or e-commerce store But it can get a little bit expensive. So I want to show you a another alternative and you can basically Determine whether or not it’s good fit for you or not. Right? So when I was actually researching for a plugin for WordPress to build out my drop shipping store. I came across all a dropship and Also a plug-in called. Whoo dropship So my first impression of ollie dropship, wasn’t that great I think everything looked pretty good. But the designer that just didn’t really Stand out compared to a birla which is the main drop shipping app for Shopify So as you can see, it’s a little bit more modern and Aliexpress doesn’t look that modern in my opinion So I actually looked for another alternative which was blue dropship now with route dropship It looked a little bit more similar to the Oboro app So they also have a free trial so I actually started off with the free trial and everything worked fine everything was really good, especially the in-app image editing software which is included and After the free trial I decided you know Should I switch to a like dropship or should I stay with the dropship with Roo dropship as you can see it’s $14 per month For orders less than a hundred. Ok, and then if it’s more than a hundred orders up to five hundred orders It’s $29 per month So I was reading reviews for Olly dropship and all of them seemed really really good So I decided to actually get the plug-in ok, so the main difference here is the pricing on a dropship is a one payment of $89. It doesn’t matter sort of you know, how many products you sell or how many products you import? It’s $89 for free updates and support. So I think that’s why you know, it’s got so many good reviews So I decided to get it and what I also realized is that they do have the image Editing app as well, which is really important. But another really important feature is that you actually get to import reviews So import reviews from aliexpress website to your WordPress website So I think that’s really important for your dropshipping store because it adds a lot of social proof okay, and I also realized that the community was a lot bigger than The word dropship plug-in so they have this forum support area and it overall it just seemed a lot more active Okay, and they also have the option where you can purchase add-ons? so For Shopify stores. You probably are familiar with the recent sales pop-up, like for example when you go to a Shopify store There’s a pop-up saying let’s say John bought you know this item two hours ago So you have the option to buy these additional add-ons and also add-on countdown timers They have some free ones as well, which I think is really really awesome So I decided to get the plugin and I really really liked it. So I want to show you how it works because Yeah, you might be on the fence and you can decide whether or not it’s a good alternative So below this video there’s a link that will take you to a lead rock ship and you can click on buy a plug-in I’m gonna show you a tutorial on how it actually worked before you actually buy, but I’ll show you the Process that you need to go through click on Buy Now only for $89 and as you can see here, there’s two different plugins I’ll a dropship plug-in and Ally dropship blue version So the main difference here is the ally dropship plug-in is it only works with the ally dropship? Specific themes which they’ve created. All right, that’s gonna include the e-commerce functionality so you’re gonna be able to set up the payment gateways through this plug-in and Also, everything like that With the ally dropship version is compatible with WooCommerce so it integrates with it and it also works well with any of your WordPress themes that you might be using so I prefer this one because I want to be using my themes. Okay, if you don’t have hosting you can select hosting So you actually get both of those plugins. All right, so you don’t have to worry So I also have a coupon code which you can enter for 10% discount So after when you’ve actually added the coupon code you’ll see that it saves 10% and after when you’ve actually paid The credit card or PayPal and once you’ve completed the order You will get a confirmation email which looks something like this Okay, and what you’ll need to do is you need to download the group plug into your computer Okay Because you have to install that onto your WordPress website and what you want to do is you want to copy over the license key because we also need to activate it right then you’ll need to login to your WordPress website and you’ll need to go to plugins and Then you’ll need to add new and you need to upload the plug-in and also install and activate it So once you’ve done that then you should appear up here. I’ll a dropship whoo and What you can do is you can click it. Ok, that will take you to the ally dropship menu, basically alright So you need to click on license and you need to paste in the license key that they gave you So paste it in here and activate so this license Keys only available for one website, but if you want to switch Your drops you may store to another domain then you can contact the ally dropship support and tell them to Deactivate it on this website and then you can move it to another website Okay, so you can’t have two stores at once with one license. Ok? after when you’ve done that then what you’ll need to do is you need to go to Google and just Search up ally dropship Chrome extension and you can add that to your chrome. Okay? Then what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to make sure that you are logged in to your website here Ok, so you need to add your website and make sure to connect it to? Once you’ve actually done that then what you can do to import the products, which is really really easy You can click on Aliexpress so to import the products you can just click on use direct import and That’s going to take you to the Aliexpress website okay, if you don’t have an account with Aliexpress yet then what I recommend you do is to create your Account first, okay But after when you’ve done that then to import a product you can simply just hover over The categories here and you can browse through and select the product. So for example, I might select maybe a hoodie Okay, and I’ll show you how easy it is to add in So we’re gonna search here. We’re going to scroll through Okay, this one doesn’t look too bad so let’s say I like this hoodie you can also click on this button here Okay, and that’s gonna import to your WordPress store? But what I like to do is obviously click into it because you want to check the reviews And you want to check the products and things like that to see whether or not you want to import it What I like is you can also check Check if it’s cheaper on other sellers Okay Let’s say if you like it you like what you see you like the feedback Then what you do is on the top here, you’ll see a light drop ship on the toolbar and you can click on edit Ok, so what’s that doing is it’s gonna sort of import all the images and all the product information to the Chrome extension Okay. So this is the Chrome extension and what it enables you to do is actually to edit the images Edit the variations and also the titles and everything before you import it to your WordPress website So I think this is really handy because you can filter everything down. So for example, I’m going to just remove everything here just like that plus-sized men’s woody and I’m gonna edit the URL as well Okay, make it something shorter. You don’t want such a long URL. It’s bad for SEO. We’re gonna click on tick and this one is a hoodie so you can select a category which you’ve created before or you can add new category and This is imported all the you know sizing charts all the images from the description on the Aliexpress website, so what you can do is you can actually just Highlight it and it’s sort of just delete it. Okay Let’s try and delete this box here okay, you want to clean things up a little bit because some of the things you don’t want to include in the Your descriptions? Okay, because sometimes they might be like refund policies shipping policies and all that stuff Which you’ll probably want to delete and you might want to create your own Sort of you know sizing chart or things like that okay, so if you scroll down here to The image gallery section you can click on this icon and Sometimes there is a logo on the side here Okay, so you probably want to remove that logo and to do that. You can click on brush make sure you select Set in the color to be white here. So normally six FS is white Okay, and you can boost up the sizing. Yeah Okay, and then you can use that to actually clear logo Okay, once you’ve actually cleared the logo, then you can click on save and you can also add in text as well So for example, if you have a sale you can add that in you can also add different stickers As well so you can upload that or you can use the ones in here. I’m just gonna delete that one. Yeah, okay Which is really cool because you don’t need your Photoshop or anything like that and you can click on save so once you finish editing that image What’s going to allow you to do is you can set the pricing here you can set it to apply the pricing formula, which is something that you set in your WordPress website in the settings area, which I’ll show you later So we’re going to go back here and you can edit the variations. You can delete it change the name And things like that. So these are all the items specifics which is going to import to your WordPress website Some of the stuff is unnecessary. So you might want to remove some of them or you can remove them later So I’m just remove some of them to show you. Okay? Once you’re happy with it, then what you’ll need to do is just click on import Add to import list. Okay, so that’s going to take a few seconds depending on how much there is to download sometimes It takes a little while but after a few minutes you should be done Okay. So once that is done, you can go back to your WordPress website. Go back to the main menu and Here you should have WooCommerce installed. Okay, so if you don’t make sure to install WooCommerce and if you click on products here Then you should see the product has been imported to the import list okay, so it hasn’t been published yet because you do want to check it again so you can click on edits and Basically, it’s added in the sizing chart all the images to the long description area You can edit it. However, you like so I’m going to scroll down here and Here is the WooCommerce Area, so basically if you click on the inventory, it’s added in all the information here including the shipping information For the weight and dimensions, etc. You can also add your upsells and cross-sells It’s added in all the attributes here all the different variations. It’s added in that as well so if you click on that, then you’ll also see the prices for each of the variations the stock quantity and Everything that you need alright So basically you can look through these what I want to do is if you click on reviews you can upload reviews so I’m gonna import reviews higher than four stars and you want to make sure to send a reviews to the actual draft because Some of the reviews are in different languages and sometimes you might need to sort of tweak it and fix it and also the names You might need to add in the names as well So I’m going to select just leave it as default and then click on import now So that’s gonna take a few seconds Okay, once that is done you can add in a short description for your product as well and Add in make sure the product categories are set the tags are set and then you can just click on publish So once that is done, then you can also click on the product to check the product so I’m actually using the Shop theme by themify your theme might be different. So it might appear differently Okay, but you’ve imported all the product images. So you’ve done that in just a few minutes So it’s really really awesome and all the variations have been added But if you actually click on the reviews you hasn’t been published yet so to actually publish the reviews you need to go back to your dashboard area and Then you’ll need to click on comments Ok, because what we’ve done before is we’ve sent that to the drafts. So as you can see here This is one of the reviews that we need to approve ok For example, we need to click on edits. And as you can see the name here, it doesn’t show up fully Ok, the reason for that is because if you actually go here to the feedback section You’ll see that the products they don’t have the name of the person who gives the feedback ok So you need to go here and maybe change it. Let’s just change it to Aaron and this is the testimonial and Sometimes it might not be the best English So you might want to fix that up or you might have some Russian in there or something like that so you might need to tweak that ok, and if They have images here. Then you can also edit the images by using the image editor, which is really cool. And Sometimes you can also remove it if it’s not very good. Ok So what you need to do is improve that and update that plugin. I mean update that comment, sorry and You can approve all the other ones as well So if we actually go back to our store and view that product the review should show up So let’s click into that. Ok, as you can see, it’s got one customer review which is really cool and people can click that and people can read that and check the Image ok, so I think that’s really really important. All right so basically what I’m gonna show you now is that you can also Do some really cool stuff with the you plug in. So if you click on that Click on here and then click on settings So if you actually scroll down here, you’ll see that there’s a tracking service so you can actually track your orders Which I’ll show you in a second, but they have the Aliexpress cashback system So how this works is you’ll need to sign up for the Aliexpress Affiliate program and you’ll need to get a URL so you can sign up here and then get the URL and put that in here and That’s gonna give you up to 12 percent cashback on each purchase on Aliexpress, so I think that’s really really awesome. And if you hover over settings you can click on currency and what’s that gonna allow you to do is it’s gonna allow you to actually add in a currency switcher onto your WordPress website So there’s a widget which you can add anywhere to your website. So I’m gonna show you quickly So I’ve added it down here okay, you can click on that and you can select a different currency and it will update the prices on your Store, okay, which is really really cool So you can set that in and you can set in you know, the currencies that you want to show All right, and then save so you can also click on pricing so that’s gonna allow you to actually set in pricing formulas So you don’t have to set in the price manually every time you upload a new product So these are the ones which are recommended, but you can add in a new formula as well right, so I’m actually going to show you a purchase and Show you how the actual process works because it’s really really simple. So if we actually go to the shop page Let’s say someone likes this product here. Okay, so I’m gonna click into it So for example, someone likes this t-shirt They select the variation select the size and there is 16 in stock and then they can add to the car Okay, so they can hover over here and they can select or deselect the products And for example once they’re happy with it, they can view the cart and then they can checkout Okay, so here I actually have a full toriel on showing you how to set up a drop shipping website in the description below It’s a full 1 hour and 45 minutes at all showing you from start to finish how to build it out But I just want to show you quickly. So if you click on proceed to checkout Then the customer will need to fill in the information here, which has been pre-loaded ok, and they can agree and then proceed to PayPal and then what I’m gonna do is select my PayPal accounts and Then log in and pay for that. Ok, so that has been paid so then they can return to your website and We’re actually going to look into the store dashboard. So close dashboard Okay, so you’ll have a new order so go to WooCommerce and then click on orders You should also get a email as well Ok So as you can see the status is on hold then you can click into that order and I just want to show you how easy it is to place the order so what you’ll need to do is click on place order automatically and That should direct you to the Aliexpress website so it’s adding the products to your cart as well and It’s going to add in all the shipping information for you automatically Ok, so once you’ve actually paid then you’ll get a confirmation of the payment within 24 hours you also will get a tracking ID within 2 to 3 days if you have bought the product with a package shipping Ok, and then what you want to do is change the status here to processing and then you can update it Ok, so once you’ve actually updated it After a few days has gone past then you can click on get tracking ID. So this one is a new order I’m gonna go back to a older order which I Tested before ok, so I’m gonna click on this one here and If you actually scroll down here you can click on get tracking ID and the tracking ID will appear here, right? so you’ll also see if we go back to the ally dropship room and you click on it and then if you go to the tracking and If you scroll down here to the bottom, you know, you can click on the tracking ID and that will take you to the website Okay, so as you can see, it’s in Chinese, but the most important thing is it said it’s being delivered and to the actual location so from here you can change your Product order status to completed. Okay, and That is pretty much it. That’s probably the entire process of building and also ordering and Shipping the order to your customer So hopefully this video has been helpful for you in deciding whether or not you should switch to Shopify on a verlo or just use Ally dropship for your WordPress store Which I think is really amazing and the best one for WordPress So if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos I have a full tutorial on showing you how to set it up from scratch And also there is a discount link below as well. So see you guys in the next video

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