100 thoughts on “After 35 years, Eddie Murphy returns to SNL with his most iconic characters

  1. Murphy is a shriveled-souled almost-human who at the height of the AIDS crisis made fun of people who were dying. He should only die in similar circumstances.

  2. it felt sad for me because they dragged out his old career and didn't let him do anything new and he looked like a rock star playing the hit in front of a casino crowd on a tuesday (morning). He had been slipping into turning himself into a family brand for a long time and i think he forgot how hungry he used to look. That "street anger" he brought is what Chapelle multiplied and admits to basically stealing. People change–we love Eddie Murphy for our memories of Gumby etc… But THe Kranks, and the million other merch-movers? Come back eddie, we need some Axel Foley!

  3. "If you're black, this is the first episode since i left back in 1984."
    I was born after 84… but yea…..This is probably the first SNL clip i have ever watched deliberately.

  4. Yeah, SNL Has gotten so bad at comedy that they have to call Eddie Murphy back in to bail their aces out of the chit hole that their political agenda got them into.

  5. This show with Eddie Murphy reminded me how SNL was actually funny at one time. The show did not need forced political skits that were not funny. The late night talk shows at one time also were funny and not so political. I actually watched all of SNL because it was funny last night. This was a nostalgic return to the old SNL when Eddie was on. Don't read into it more than that!

  6. Chris rock, dave chapelle, AND TRACY MORGAN?!?! ON STAGE WITH EDDY?! Sorry. So many legends on one stage blew my mind

  7. If Eddie Murphy killed women for learning how to read…..
    WaPo would call him an austere religious scholar.
    Waaaaah, wahhhhhhh…….

  8. OH MY GOD !!! Buckwheat threw up the White Power sign, lets all call the network and let them know how outraged we are,
    SNL must be taken off the air for what can only be described as a purely racist act

  9. Murphy brought out all the classics. Although I thought the 'Black Jeopardy" sketch with his Velvet Jones was the best. Although Holiday Gig was a close second.

  10. first time watching in about 25 years…..is the show always that cram packed with racist jokes and gags?….That was the big take away for me….it was like non stop with the black stereo types making fun of white stereo types?….it just kind of threw me, it being a notoriously left supporting show, how racially centered it was….just seems odd that the party who is constantly boasting about how its trying to close the Gap on racial divide would indulge itself in such racist entertainment on a weekly basis.

  11. No Eddie you haven't been black since 1984 or at least you've done nothing for us we haven't heard not one mumblin word from you about the black lives that have been lost especially lately..you had an opportunity to speak out against violence on people that look like you..seems you've already made your choice Eddie… love is not what it says but what it does Eddie remember that when they throw you to the wolves…

  12. In an age of censorship we can see how far governments have digressed because if Eddie Murphy had saus some of those things today, unfortunately he would slammed for some kind ISM. I absolutely love Eddie Murphy and he is as great today as he was back then.

  13. I'm old enough to remember the time when Eddie was genuinely funny. You know, back when his every other word had four letters.

  14. Desperate people do desperate things. Do the math, number of children times groceries, Christmas, birthdays, braces, keeping up with the life stile, "OUTCH", semi retirement and out of the public eye all add up to " HELP" I need a job please. Wish him the best !

  15. When Eddie Murphy was a young man he had a lot of swagger and he was hungry for fame now since he gotten old he doesn't have the same hunger anymore I think he should just retire that's just my opinion but it is good to see him alive and back I definitely miss him.

  16. Let's remember the great Eddie Murphy in red leather saying: "It petrifies me because girls be hanging out with them. One night they could be in the club having fun with their gay friend, give them a little kiss. And go home with AIDS on their lips! And then when her husband, like five years later, Somebody says;"Mr. Johnson you have aids..""AIDS?! But I'm not homosexual!""Sure you're not homosexual…"

    Let's remember the difference in cultures that were thriving then and are happily forgotten now.

    Poor programming on SNL. Shame 🙁

  17. Listen to the Liberal Whack jobs laugh and applaud for the comedy they despise! They probable went home and laid in bed and cried all night asking and wondering how they allowed themselves to fall into the trap of laughing at black. Thanks Mr Murphy for coming back and not being politically correct and not being afraid!

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