Add Facebook Messenger To Your Website (WordPress)

– Want to add Facebook
Messenger to your website? It’s surprisingly easy to do even if you don’t know
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subscribe, click that bell, and that way you’re notified every week when we release another helpful video. My name is Jerry Potter. I love the idea of
having Facebook Messenger built in to your website. It gives you another way
for people to contact you but the messages already go to a place that you’re already checking, hopefully, if you have a Facebook business page. Now you probably want a way for people to still message you via
email on your website, but the great thing about
having them send you a message in Messenger is then you can click on their profile,
learn a bit about them, so when you go to reply to their message, you can do it in the best possible way, hopefully converting them
into a client or customer. If you have access to the
back end of your website, here in WordPress you go to Plugins over here on the left from your dashboard, then you’re gonna click on Add New, and then search for
messenger customer chat. There are quite a few of these. You’re welcome to
experiment with other ones, but I am using the one that’s
actually from Facebook, here you can see it says By
Facebook there, install it. When that’s done, click Activate. Now it’ll show up in your list of plugins, and then just set it up. Over here on the left you’re gonna notice Customer Chat has appeared
in your menu, click on that. If you’re setting this
up for the first time click Edit Customer Chat. It’s gonna open this page from Facebook, ask you to choose your
Facebook business page you want to associate it with. I’m gonna choose mine. Click Continue. You can choose your
language, then you can choose what your greeting is going to be. Hi, how can we help you,
is the generic greeting. If you want something that’s
a little more personality, you can do that too. Hey, shoot me a DM! Whatever you want to do. Save it, hit Next. You can do custom colors,
so if you have custom colors for your brand, by default
it’s that Messenger blue, but if you have custom
colors for your brand you can actually click on
here, choose a different color, you can see I can choose red, or I actually know the hex
code of my brand color, so I’m gonna actually put that in. Now we’ll match the colors on my website. If you wanna go back to the default, you can just turn that off. I’m gonna keep it on. I hit Finish, hit Done. And now it has enabled it,
it has put the code in here with my custom settings. I hit Save Changes. I go to, and it’s popping up right
down here in the corner, see it says, Hey, shoot me a DM!. So when someone goes to my website they can go ahead and start
a conversation right there. Whether you have Messenger
on your website or not, setting up Messenger the right way is definitely one of the keys to optimizing your
Facebook page for profit. If you’d like to see the rest
of them that we recommend, download our free Five Minute
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