7 Best WordPress Themes 2018 – The Last One Might Surprise You

7 Best WordPress Themes 2018 – The Last One Might Surprise You

In this video me to share with you these seven
best WordPress themes for 2018 if you’re not familiar with me my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com
Remick WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you knew your consider clicking on the
subscribe button and if you want notifications click on the little bell now this video is
kind of going hand-in-hand with the very popular video that I posted last week and it was a
how to choose a WordPress theme the seven questions to ask so this is kind of going
along with that in this video I prepared the seven questions asked to determine if a theme
is good or if it’s bad and bad isn’t necessarily bad it just means that it’s based on older
ways of doing things older technology in the seven questions are geared to help you to
decide and determine whether a theme is based on old outdated technology or modern technologies
that will help you get a website built faster smoother and you’ll actually be able to enjoy
the process now to make this convenient for you I’ve got links to each of the scenes in
the video description box down below now let’s just get started the first theme and in full
disclosure is a theme that I am using on my website that we were just on is the Astra
Theme and you could visit them by going to WPCrafter.com/Astra and this single one of
the things I like about this the number one that its focus on performance in speed you
don’t want a slow website but one of the nicest things is right here if you click on starter
sites there is a variety of websites that you can literally restore and start using
with just a few mouse clicks and these are really nice websites here let’s take a look
at one right here this doesn’t cost you anything is a beautiful website that can be restored
with three mouse clicks and it’s a beautiful website for a nonprofit organization in the
beef and includes integration with donation plug-in so you click on this donate button
here in the menu and it takes you right on over to a fully integrated donation platform
all this was was three mouse clicks to get this going on your website so I like a lot
of these conveniences that is the Astra Theme the next one is the GeneratePress theme and
they also have this library of websites that you can restore with just a few mouse clicks
I really like that it’s also an being that is focused on being the lien and a high-performance
for you and they also give you the tools to be able to get a beautiful website up and
running with the minimal amount of effort one of things I like the most about this theme
is the developer’s names Tom he is so fast at providing support when you need it and
he is so thorough and invested in those support requests you know have you ever needed support
from product developer and they kind of aren’t that helpful when they responded that is not
what you get with with GeneratePress they are so helpful whenever you ask for help they
are there to help you now the third theme is the ocean W. Theme and what I appreciate
most about this theme is it’s the most full featured free theme for WordPress in fact
it is the number one theme in the list of popular themes in the WordPress theme directory
it’s the number one now there’s actually a technically it’s the number four most popular
theme but though slots 12 and three are the ones that get installed by default with WordPress
so OceanWP literally is the number one most popular three theme in the WordPress theme
directory no doubt and that has a strong focus on e-commerce which is also very nice next
is the DV theme in the last 12 months the Divi theme has totally changed in and made
improvements in every nook and cranny every corner of the theme it has made phenomenal
overall improvements and has been very impressive let me show you something that I appreciate
about the Divi theme I’m in the builder right now and this is part of what they call the
Divi design initiative so I click right here on the plus and it just pulls up this screen
here this is over 273 page layouts organized in 34 packs a pack would be an entire website
and when you scroll through here each of these pages in these packs are real you can restore
it by just clicking on a few buttons so for example here’s a for a copywriter there is
one here for a law firm a sass company interior design company it should that they just the
list keeps going on and on so if I click on this and I say mean I like this I can click
on use this layout and you just have to wait about a minute it takes it and it puts it
right on in there for you and you can start editing away your new page and so here we
see it’s just refreshing the page that was all it took now all I have to do is change
some text and chain some images and I’m good to go so what’s nice is it has a in-line editor
I can just click and I can start typing and that’s all you literally have to do with this
now the Divi theme and the Divi builder it does have a learning curve I do find that
it’s a little steeper of a learning curve initially but you can get used to it pretty
quick now you might be asking yourself wait a second he’s not listing any of those themes
on Theme Forest that have crazy amounts of sales and all of that and I’m not doing that
on purpose because the vast majority of these themes do not meet the requirements that I
presented in this video here about the seven questions asked in fact most of them fell
flat out spell those seven questions in there based on older ways of doing things with WordPress
now there’s no problem with older ways of doing things the thing is is they usually
take a lot longer than modern ways of doing things and they tend to have a much steeper
learning curve as you’re trying to learn how to do what you want to do it’s gonna be a
bit more complicated and so that’s why those seven questions are crucial to know before
you make a choice of a theme now there are couple exceptions to the rule and these are
themes where they are more like applications and they solve some kind of higher or bigger
purpose and I’ll give you a couple examples of those from some good things so I got to
hear that our directory themes so that’s not your typical website directory theme has a
ton of additional functionality built into it in order to serve a specific purpose so
a directory theme facilitates a listing having a directory and having these various listings
taking reviews having this social engagement I got to for you here number one is a ListingPro
the ListingPro is fantastic in the sense that it truly is a single integrated solution for
having the directory website as opposed to this thing right here call the my listing
which is also very good but this one uses is not an all-in-one solution it pulls in
together other plug-ins to get the full functionality these two are really good I think I would
I wouldn’t give the slightest edge to my listening because it’s not based upon the visual composer
page builder next and this is a question people have all time what is the best newspaper style
theme and you know what it’s called the newspaper and if as matter fact I used to use this theme
before I switch to Astro and this is a great theme if you really want that newspaper layout
the only thing about using a very rigid specific purpose theme like this is something that
you might want to change that don’t necessarily make sense it’s not going to be easy to change
a perfect example of that for me in my website I wanted all of the images to have that video
size image with right it’s called 16 x 9 format but this has all these image sizes and formats
that don’t quite work doesn’t quite work well with my type of content so I would have to
have all this modified custom code that was difficult to manage so with a theme like this
you just have to know it is what it is and if you want to change is some core functionality
of it you’re looking at custom code and maybe some custom development but just know that
going into it now via lasts being might surprise you and that is Elementor now Elementor is
actually a page builder for WordPress but they recently released a version 2 of Elementor
Pro and it is now kind of like a full theme builder all those parts of the website that
were typically only done with your WordPress theme now you’re able to do it with Elementor
that includes creating headers that look however you wanted to look footers your archive pages
your blog post styles every single thing that you would normally make with a theme in your
theme would control it you can now do this with Elementor it’s amazing everything that
you’re now able to do with Elementor Pro it’s it’s just beyond impressive the design flexibility
that you have using a tool like Elementor Pro version 2 you can essentially virtually
do anything that you could want to do in fact this works perfectly with just about everything
that I listed except the Divi one it’s gonna work perfect with all of these themes and
its really an amazing tool I use Elementor on my website on my homepage here were I’ve
got this scrolling letters it’s all Elementor all of this for me is all Elementor see page
building tool of choice for me that I use on my website and now you can use Elementor
to really build everything out so that is my list of the

73 thoughts on “7 Best WordPress Themes 2018 – The Last One Might Surprise You

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