500 Years of Correcting “Historical” Halloween Costumes

500 Years of Correcting “Historical” Halloween Costumes

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  1. I should clarify: I'm not meaning to roast anyone who wears these costumes due to timing, budgetary, craft skill or any other restraints. The purpose is to point out why these costumes don't actually represent history, so that we don't live our merry lives with skewed understandings of the past. By all means, rock your Sexy Renaissance Guinevere with my full enthusiasm, as long as we're all aware that these are fantastical costumes and not educational representations of history. 🙂

  2. Youtube suggested your video to me…. Youtube is scarily good at knowing what I like apparently. I love your language, poise, posture and presentation. I shall now delve into the rabbit hole of intriguement that is your channel!!!

  3. A good gag costume would be to make a farthingale out of entirely flat, stiff material so you can put snacks on it and be Queen Elizabeth the Thirst

  4. Wow, it took people until the 19th century to find cross-lace corsets fashionable? Spiral-lacing is so close to that! Unbelievable.
    On another note, I don't care what history the southern belle garments have (nor any garment), they look super cute.

  5. The maroon dress in the thumbnail was literally my dress in the three musketeers…I’m not kidding, it’s THE SAME. EXACT. DRESS.

  6. i cannot believe you found cheap nasty FULL LENGTH halloween costumes, even more amazed the pilgrim wasn’t showing cleavage! really enjoyed that!

  7. Recently i saw a german author talk About "the beautyfull meat of communication"…now i know what he was talking About 🙂

  8. I can't tell if you're serious or not but I don't think anyone actually thinks those Halloween costumes are historically accurate.

  9. I as close to literally RAN to order your 18th century vampire watercolor. I needed to have it. Huge history geek, fan of vampires, and obviously goth af myself, it was love at first sight! ?

  10. Wow. hilarious, and involved description of historical accuracy and trends in women's fashion through the ages. Very good – i will look for the drawings – thanks for showing the stages of drawing. Very helpful. No need to apologise for the subjunctive was/were. You 'were' right: conditional tense takes subjunctive not indicative – yes, i am English major

  11. I have been looking everywhere for this type of YouTuber! I am very much into looking at historical fashion. All other youtubers do these days is look at memes and vines that are not even funny.

  12. I fell into this video at random, and despite not having any particular interest in historical dress, you kept it interesting and me engaged. I have no idea what pilgrims did with bones, or where you even get 1.5 million bones…. anyway, what I'm trying to say is this video was fun to watch. Thank you for making it!

    ((My Fiancee is interested in historical dress, and I will now make her watch this video.))

  13. In the best possible way, you remind me of Zelda Schiff (the head librarian in the Neitherlands of the series "The Magicians").

  14. "Black would have been available in that time period"

    And would have been expensive and required additional dye being boiled into it now and then as the black faded into a weird brownish color. Didn't they use some sort of nut casing for the black?

  15. Not only are you super knowledgeable about the topic at hand, you’re also an incredible artist! I love your sketches!

  16. I've never watched one of your videos before… so this kind of caught me off guard.
    The look you pull off… wow… Gorgeous, yet unique… Your Clothes, how you've done your hair, your makeup perfectly complimenting your face, very nicely done.
    Then from there although I'm perhaps not your target audience, you do great work.
    It was rather interesting seeing you do historical fashion sketches. 🙂

    Best of luck with the future. 🙂

    – Random person recommended by the youtube's algorithm.

  17. 9:21 I actually like this costume, not for the historical accuracy but it gives off a strong "The Handmaid's Tale" vibe.

  18. Great video! For the record, I have seen references to 18th century black silk gowns. Black and white clothing was worn for mourning, especially by the upper class. Less wealthy individuals may dye garments black or wear a black armband. If you're interested in the subject, read Mourning Dress: A Costume and Social History, by Lou Taylor.

  19. This was incredible. Thank you for linking when it wasn't possible to use the cited works directly in your video. A+ content.

  20. Well new Guinevere saved money on fabric by cutting it off the dress at the butt. And spent it on breast implants.
    My sister would have loved this programme.
    Love your sketches and your humour.

  21. You should do a deep dive on the wardrobe from Outlander. They obviously tried really hard and I am curious how accurate it is.

  22. Shakespeare actually spoke Early Modern English which is very much different from Old or Middle English. Just to clarify.

  23. I would enjoy seeing a video on maybe using existing garments to create a look for Halloween that would resemble a historically accurate look. I think people forget about things they already wear being used to create something for halloween.

  24. What would king Arthur’s time be considered? I see it all the time at renaissance fairs and such.I love the legend of King Arthur

  25. The point of these bizarre, historically inaccurate Halloween costumes are not to appear accurate in either material or appearance, but to be nothing more than Halloween costumes. Unless you're a dedicated, caring individual who strives to know more about fashion history and prides herself in her knowledge of such a thing (like you; you know so much about fashion history and that is nothing short of excellent), you do not choose a 100% accurate Halloween costume, for that is just not the nature of costumes. I am not trying to tell you that your approach is wrong in any way, I am only trying to give you insight into why these mass-produced costumes appear to be made by "careless" people who "don't even try."

    I'm a big fan of your work and who you are, keep it up.

  26. This video: An intelligent, well researched video about the raw F A C T S and going into intense detail for the sake of historical accuracy.
    Also this video: the existence of vampires is "debateable"
    Awesome video, this definitely gave me a chuckle 🙂

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  28. I recommend that you look at the shoes in Flemish Renaissance paintings and especially by Van Eyck(s). Also and for purely reasons of appreciation I recommend a relatively small painting by Dieric Bouts (fifteenth century) in the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It is my opinion that the Bout's portrait may be one of the finest paintings in the USA.

  29. idk why this appeared in my recommended but for once Youtube has done something right. not only was this actually interesting to watch but man that Old English surprised me. plus this is good reference for drawing.

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