5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

During the holidays… our pupils will have project
work to complete. Now…The internet is a helpful resource. Children in Primary school are very capable at using
computers and tablets to go online… however, they don’t have the
critical thinking skills yet to be left alone with these
devices. At this age… They will accept whatever media they see at face value. They may be scared by images
they see. And they may unintentionally be
exposed to inappropriate websites. So, here are 5 tips to keep your child safe on the
internet Number 1 Get permission. Teach your child to always get
permission before using the computer and always try to sit with them. If you can’t sit with them… Make them use the computer in an
open area so you can see what they are
doing. Number 2 Update and use Plugins. Always update your browser If you use Chrome or Firefox… download a plugin which will
prevent your child from accidentally visiting
suspicious websites. For Chrome… we highly recommend Metacert. Metacert will automatically
block pages which are not suitable for your
child. Number 3 Use a child friendly search
engine. A child friendly search engine will only list search results
which they feel are suitable for children. We recommend kidrex.org or searchypants.com/hamptonschool Number 4 Keep personal info private. Remind your child not to give
out information through emails and registration forms. If they are unsure encourage them to ask you first. And number 5 Encourage openness. Encourage your children to come
to you if they encounter anything
online that makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened. Don’t get angry and don’t blame your child
otherwise… they won’t turn to you when they need help in the future. So there you have it parents! If you follow these 5 tips you will keep your child safe on
the internet. For more helpful videos like this one… please visit… Hamptonschoolmu.com

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  1. "We highly recommend Metacert and it'll automatically block suspicious websites."What about McAfee? Another thing is sites. I know that they are safe but there are sites that are DuckDuckGo > duckduckgo.com and Ecosia > ecosia.com. I'm just being positive no offence.

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