4k Video Camera on Google Pixel 4 XL | Good enough for Vlogging?

4k Video Camera on Google Pixel 4 XL | Good enough for Vlogging?

100 thoughts on “4k Video Camera on Google Pixel 4 XL | Good enough for Vlogging?

  1. Did you really put all of your Potato magic into the video you recorded ?
    You could shoot cinematic footage on a crappy knockoff anything.

  2. It took me two tries to get through this. Your content is always great, but audio and image quality made it really hard with the phone.

  3. Love pixel phones but they really need to work on the video part of it. I don't mind it so much because it don't record stuff on my phone

  4. I think you should try an LG phone, they have controls for ISO, SS, focus with focus peaking, metering, aspect ratios, control for bit rate options, monitoring audio, low cut filters, and more. And also, they were one of the pioneers for the ultra wide angle videos. also, you could monitor through headphones by plugging in on a headphone jack which other phones are omitting..

  5. who else was waiting for The Car Wizard from Hoovies Garage to come out and kick Genes ass when he started abusing his Jeep like that?

  6. That low light looks trash, looked like a cartoon. This phone is way too expensive to have such dated cameras on a 2019 phone. My iPhone 7 plus also shoots 4K30p and that was 3-4 years ago.

  7. gene – ill go to a mechanic the next time
    gene the next time – ill go to a mechanic the next time
    gene the next next time – ill go to the mechanic the next time

  8. Mr Jet, can you pls use a green screen material rather than the paper that you tear apart every videos and becomes a waste ? I mean save the trees mah dude 🙁

  9. please do a full review of the new Z Cam E2 cameras the have features like 4k @160fps, 6k and 8k all have full frame sensors and all are under $6,000, they have amazing specs for the price but no one is talking about them here's some links. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1496581-REG/z_cam_e2_f6_professional_full_frame_6k.html/specs

  10. Dude I love you! When you threw that tool set away I spat my water up. You are so funny, entertaining, and educational. I just started watching you like 2 weeks ago and love your content! Cheers!

  11. Here I am on an old s3 listening to this cuz the video won't play but the audio is ;-;

    edit : i turned my laptop on to watch this and why does the whole party sequence feel like a movie? good job editing that Gene!

  12. Best still photography on any phone beating even the iPhone 11pro by a smidge sans ultrawide. But when it comes to video iPhone and Galaxy S10/Note 10 leave it in the dust.

  13. hey gene, can you review a Z cam e2? seems like they are the most underrated camera. and compare it to your red camera… might be interesting.hhahha

  14. crappy performance in that lowlight indeed. Those fancy smartphones need more Night Video mode instead of Night Sight for stills

  15. Division of labor, opportunity cost, specialization – all important economic terms covered thanks to Google Pixel 4

  16. I was waiting for this review before buying the pixel 4! Unfortunately the quality is unbearable to watch… 🙁 Thnx potato, now I have to buy an iPhone…

  17. I love your channel I find you funny and relatable, just a regular guy not fake like most of the popular youtubers, like some you have hung with. That being said you being a film maker you can totally see the problems with the video but most I'd say 99 percent of people won't notice the issues you point out. I can't even tell the difference between 4k and 1080 unless your watching on a killer tv and most YouTube is viewed on phones tabs and laps so there's my 2cents maybe 1cent since I'm not a film maker. Keep bringing the content maybe I will win something someday.. ✌

  18. Was gonna buy this phone today but nah, quality sucks totally for vlogging. Gonna go for samsung or iphone 11.

  19. well it keeps getting true that bigger sensors got better low light performances the rest being a question of the f-stop

  20. Iphone contract is way too high for me to jump ship. I got a free upgrade from pixel xl 2 to 3 in Jan so I dunno what to do.. Pixel 4 xl is way cheaper but video doesn't look amazing. Nor does the 3 xl tbf. Not sure why Google has photos nailed but videos lackluster. I think vlogging is the only time a ultra wide makes sense for me

  21. Can we get MI NOTE 10 camera review? I want to hear your thoughts. If you cannot get them there I will get them and send it to you.

  22. Been using many google phones in a row and i can say that photos are always amazing but video wise they just dgaf for some reason. Year after year they just seem to be letting the gap with the top video quality phones get wider and wider.

  23. Haha I actually liked the Pixel's dynamic range much better. The Google-Fied Pixel 4XL Android X experience absolutely rocks. If the moment you care to capture matters, consider Moment for killer lenses, wide angle and anamorphic, etc. They'll turn any vlogging mourning to sheer cinematic joy. No doubt. Long live your Pixel. 😏

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