36 Rare Animal Facts You Forgot to Google

36 Rare Animal Facts You Forgot to Google

What’s the smartest bird on Earth? Which
creature has an ear between its legs? And how do bears go to the bathroom while hibernating?
I’m guessing very quietly. Here are the most random yet fascinating facts for all
the animal lovers out there! 1. The most dangerous bird in the world is
the cassowary. It can’t fly, but it can easily outrun you on its two powerful legs. Its claws
look more like daggers, and all it takes is one lethal strike from this real-life angry
bird! 2. Another member of the flightless bird family,
kiwis might look like they don’t have wings, but they actually have tiny ones under all
those fluffy feathers! The only truly wingless bird was the long-extinct moa. 3. The alligator snapping turtle catches its
prey by going fishing! Its tongue looks like a worm, and the turtle waits with its mouth
wide open at the bottom of a stream, lake, or pond until some unsuspecting fish takes
the bait. Then…snap! The jaws come together faster than the blink of an eye, and dinner
is served! 4. Another fisher from the animal kingdom
is the Striated Heron – it throws a leaf or stick in the water as bait. The bird watches
the leaf and waits until some small fish will come to the surface to check out the strange
floating object. And then, well, you know the rest. Gulp! 5. Jellyfish don’t have blood or a heart to
pump it. They don’t have a brain – just nerves. And they don’t need lungs either
– their body walls are thin enough for oxygen to pass right through the skin. Meaning, the
jellyfish breathes with its body. 6. A hippo’s skin gives off a red oil that
protects the animal from sunburn. Yes, you could say, hippos use sunblock! Only, their
au-naturel SPF doubles as an antibiotic cream too! 7. Moose have such sensitive antlers that
they can feel a fly landing on them. 8. There are real Flying Dragons in the rainforests
of Southeast Asia. But if you’re expecting a massive fire-breathing reptile soaring over
the poor townspeople, tough luck! It’s a tiny little lizard about the size of your
hand, and it doesn’t really fly – it glides over a short distance. Or Falling – with
style! 9. You might know of poisonous plants and
venomous reptiles and arachnids. But there are poisonous birds too! The toxins are in
their bodies, feathers, and skin, making it dangerous for predators to eat them! 10. Starfish can cover their prey with their
stomachs and eat it outside the body. Then, they simply bring their stomachs back inside.
Well that’s handy. 11. Their relatives, sea cucumbers, can do
the same party trick. Except that they leave part of their guts behind to scare their attacker!
It’s ok – the missing parts quickly grow back! 12. Crows and ravens are the smartest (and
sneakiest!) birds on Earth. A raven will follow another one long enough to find out where
the other guy is hiding his food. Then the sneaky stalker takes it for himself! 13. But the brainiest of them all is the New
Caledonian crow. It makes complex tools like hooks and spears to get insects out from their
hidey holes in trees and branches! 14. A koala’s fingerprints are almost identical
to human ones. 15. Dolphins have highly developed communication.
They call each other by name. That is, each dolphin responds to a specific sound. Mostly
they say “stop calling me Flipper”. 16. A bird’s feathers weigh more than its
skeleton. So there. 17. The most fearless beast on Earth that
really doesn’t care is the honey badger. They have virtually no enemies because they’re
not afraid of ANYONE! One honey badger can take on a whole pack of lions and come out
unscathed! These hardcore honey-lovers are also resistant to snake venom, so, yeah, there’s
that… 18. Their cousin, the European badger, builds
extensive underground burrows called setts. They have tunnels and room-like off-shoots
for everybody. Foxes and rabbits are welcome to share the home, as long as they abide by
the strict hygiene rules! 19. The praying mantis has an ear between
its legs. The insect uses it as a sonar, kind of like bats! 20. Sea turtles are constantly crying. They’re
not sad or anything – the weeping is only because they excrete excess salts from the
body through tears. 21. The Black Swift is a mysterious bird that
lives, eats, and even sleeps in the sky! They don’t land for months at a time, which is
why so little is known about them. The distance they fly over a lifespan is like going to
the Moon 14 times! 22. Fish can fly too! Thanks to their wing-like
fins, flying fish can soar a distance of about 600 ft, almost as long as two football fields.
They need flight to escape from predators. 23. When a bear hibernates, its pulse and
metabolism slow down. Metabolism is when your body breaks food down into the basic elements
it needs – protein, calcium, and whatnot. But during hibernation, all the bear’s eaten
food from its stomach accumulates in the intestines like a cork. The animal doesn’t go to the
bathroom this entire time, for all of winter. It goes to the toilet as soon as it wakes
up. I’ll bet. 24. Loud noises might not wake a bear from
its torpor (that’s the deep sleep during hibernation), but that doesn’t mean you
should go near one. They can still sense danger during this time, and, yes, they can wake
up instantly to deal with it! 25. The Heikegani crab lives off the coast
of Japan and has a distinct pattern on its shell that looks like a human face. More specifically,
the face of an angry samurai, hence the nickname: The Samurai Crab. 26. The fastest bird is the Peregrine Falcon.
It can reach speeds of 200 mph during dive flights. That’s faster than an arrow flies
from a bow! 27. Polar bears touch each other’s nose to
say hello and ask to share food. At least they ask! 28. When you hear birds singing, it doesn’t
necessarily mean they’re full of joy or having a great day. Birds use singing to mark
territory and attract mates. Well, that’s one thing we have in common.
Not the mate thing, no – I’m always singing at my neighbors to get off my lawn… 29. When some foreign object gets into an
oyster’s shell – be it a grain of sand, a parasite, or garbage – the thing irritates
the mollusk’s inner walls. Since the animal can’t spit the item out, it envelops it
in thin layers that separate from the body. These pearlescent layers accumulate until
they form a round pearl. In the past, people believed that pearls were the tears of mermaids.
Now we know they’re just some decorated debris! 30. Owls are considered one of the most dangerous
predatory birds. Because of their unique feathers, this wide-eyed fowl can fly practically silently.
Oh yeah, and about those eyes: owls can’t move them. That’s why they must turn their
head in an almost complete circle to look around. 31. People used to bring canaries to mines
to alert of danger. These birds are very sensitive to toxic gases and the slightest change in
the air. If the canary started chirping, the miners knew they had to get out of there. 32. Flamingos stand on one leg to keep warm.
They warm each leg one at a time under their feathers. 33. All over the globe, monuments have been
dedicated to sparrows to show thanks to the birds for keeping insect pests away. 34. When hunting, tigers and lions let out
a deafening roar that literally stuns their prey to the point that it can’t move. 35. The first bird to be domesticated by humans
is the goose. 36. The way beavers build their dam is one
of nature’s greatest secrets. A hundred or so beavers construct a mile-long dam in
a coordinated manner as if they’re adhering to a strictly designated plan. Nobody knows
how they build the dam thing. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  1. Crows can memorise and recognise human faces, if a human attacks or harm them they remember and warn other crows and are know to attack the human in retaliation, they can also learn to use tools, for example a sharp twig to spear bugs they can't get at. Bears can hibernate for 7 and a half months, impressive their bodies have adapted to digest food slowly enough so as not to starve.


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