2 CASES! Man Doubts Paternity After Wife’s Internet Fling (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

2 CASES! Man Doubts Paternity After Wife’s Internet Fling (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Smith v. Bussing.
Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Smith,
you are here today
desperate to save your three year relationship
with the defendant and hope to prove
he is the biological father of your one-year-old
daughter, Elaina. AUDIENCE: Aw! SMITH: Yes, Your Honor. Now, Mr. Bussing,
you say Miss Smith turned
your world upside down when she had
an Internet fling
and ended up pregnant. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Now, you argue,
if today’s DNA results prove another man
is her baby’s father, you’re ending your
relationship for good. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Bussing, just take me to the day
you found out
she was pregnant. Your Honor, I was…
I was sitting in my home, um, one of Miss Smith’s
friends was over, and Miss Smith and her friend
went outside, and as she went outside
she shut the door behind her, and I had overheard
the word “pregnant”. JUDGE LAKE:
And what happens? What happens is,
I get off the couch
and I go, “Miss Smith, you’re…
you’re pregnant?” I said, “You…
We are pregnant
right now?” And she said, “No.”
She had denied it. And so, do you remember
this day, Miss Smith? Yes, I do, Your Honor. Why was it such
a big secret? Um, at the time
of conception we were both
seeing other people. So, when did you finally
open up and just say
to Mr. Bussing, “I’m pregnant and
you may be the father”? SMITH: That same day,
Your Honor. I womaned up
and I told him,
Your Honor, at the very point,
um, when I said, “Yes, I am pregnant,
and it might not
be your baby.” JUDGE LAKE: And now,
Mr. Bussing… Yes, ma’am. …hearing that
had to be a major blow. BUSSING: Yeah…
Hearing that now
is a major blow ’cause back when
I finally got her
to confess… confess that
she was pregnant, she was like,
“Of course it’s yours, “I haven’t been
with nobody else.
I’ve been here.” Oh, so, she didn’t
tell you? SMITH:
You are so lying. Then on top of that,
from about the next
48 hours of that moment… You’re totally lying
about that, ’cause I told you
from the get-go that it might not
be your baby. You didn’t tell me that. I told you right there. You didn’t
tell me that. You said we was going
to have a great life
and have a big family. That’s what you told me
before you cheated on me. And the two, the four… The five of us was going
to be a big family. Before you started
all the cheating
in the relationship. See, that’s where
you’re wrong at, ’cause
I didn’t start cheating. So, Mr. Bussing,
now, take me to the day
Elaina was born. You’re at the hospital? BUSSING:
I’m at the hospital, the moment the…
This beautiful
little girl was… She wasn’t even
all the way
into the world yet. Her eyes were open,
she looked up at me
and I was like, “Hi”, and she screamed
for the first time. (JUDGE LAKE LAUGHING) It was the sweetest voice
I’ve ever heard in my life. JUDGE LAKE: Aw. That’s awesome. BUSSING: This was the most
amazing, beautiful thing that I’ve ever
went through
with anybody. So, I can imagine
the connection
was established. If she wasn’t with Mom,
she was right here, whenever she slept. JUDGE LAKE: Mmm-hmm. And so, at what point
did you begin to doubt
that she was yours? Miss Smith had told me
that she was not my child. SMITH: I told you from
the very beginning there is a possibility
that this might not be
your baby. I also have a calendar… JUDGE LAKE: Jerome… …I’d like to submit
as evidence. …hand that to me. Thank you. So, you’ve provided the court
with a calendar which outlines
the window of conception. BUSSING: Really? In blue is Potential
Father Number 2 and in red
is Mr. Bussing. Outlined in green
is the window
of conception. So, on the days
of September 11th
through 13th, you slept with both men
without protection. Yes, Your Honor. AUDIENCE: Oh! So, nine months later
baby Elaina was born. SMITH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Which left you
with a real doubt as to who her
biological father is. So, Mr. Bussing… Yes, Your Honor. Was this ever made
so clear to you as it is
on this calendar? This is the 11th
and the 13th. Your Honor… My stomach’s turning
right now as we speak. I… SMITH: I’ve told you
from the very beginning,
from the get-go, and you act like
you don’t even
know right now? BUSSING: No, you haven’t.
Not like this, you haven’t. I’ve told you
from the very get-go. I womaned up
and I told you
from the very start that this baby
might not be yours
’cause I didn’t want to lie. I know what it’s like,
Your Honor, to grow up
without knowing
who your real father is. Do you know where
to find this other man if in fact Mr. Bussing
is not her biological father? Your Honor, after a while
him and I stopped talking because I wanted
to work things out
with Mr. Bussing. I want to be
a family with him. I haven’t talked
to him since because he kinda
just disappears off
the face of the planet. So, you lost contact
with him? SMITH: Right. So, when you look
at Elaina, does she look like
the other man at all, or does she look
like Mr. Bussing
in your opinion? SMITH: Your Honor,
I feel like she looks
like Mr. Bussing. I also have some more
evidence to submit as to why I have
doubt also. She does have
those blue eyes. Jerome, will you
hand that to me, please? Thank you. You’re welcome. So, what you’re saying is,
Elaina has blue eyes. SMITH: Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Bussing
has brown eyes. You have brown eyes. And the other guy
has what color eyes? SMITH: Blue eyes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: When you see
that picture, Mr. Bussing,
what are you thinking? BUSSING: We don’t…
In my family,
we don’t have blue eyes. And it does
raise some doubt. My stomach’s turning
right now as we speak. Do you want to make
this relationship with
Miss Smith work, Mr. Bussing? I do not know. JUDGE LAKE:
You don’t know? Your Honor,
I do not know. How about you, Miss Smith,
do you want to make
the relationship work? Your Honor, I…
I really don’t know because I am constantly
all the time
being disrespected, ran over, he never has
my back with anything. I feel like he uses me,
just for his own benefit
to get what he wants and he says
that I’m like that. But when it comes down to it
he won’t even turn around and take a look
in the mirror himself. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE: And you know,
Mr. Bussing, it’s obvious that
you’re hurting, too. Oh, I’ve been hurting.
I got my heart… My heart’s pulling towards
this beautiful child, whomever’s child she is,
she’s a gorgeous child, sweet, intelligent child. And I have a woman
that has been steadily
tearing down the home brick by brick. I see Elaina, and I see
what’s been going on, and every time
it’s convenient this child belongs
to somebody else. I think it’s time
to get the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yeah. So, we can finally
know the truth. These results
were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows. In the case of
Smith v. Bussing,
when it comes to
one-year-old Elaina, Mr. Bussing, you are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I see that relief. BUSSING: Thank you. Nobody can tell me,
not now, that’s my baby.
(SNIFFLING) JUDGE LAKE: Yep. It’s my baby. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m wishing you
all the best of luck.
Court is adjourned. Thank you, Your Honor. This is the case of
Joseph v. Kilgore.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Joseph, you say today
is your one and only chance to identify
your biological father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You claim
you may have
finally found him after believing
he was dead
for 30 years. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Kilgore is
the potential father
in question and he is waiting outside
of our courtroom right now. You two will meet
for the first time today. And, Miss Joseph, explain why are
these results today
so important to you? For 30 years, Your Honor,
I knew my dad was dead, so when my mother,
on her deathbed
before she died, she told me,
she gave me a name,
Billy Ralph Kilgore. Mr. Kilgore.
And from that
I ran on that name. And you find him how? Well, my brother
went down South and he met
a Miss Sanders. She mentioned that
her uncle was named
Kilgore. (AUDIENCE GASPING) So, they looked him up
and the picture came about and he knew right then,
that he felt that
that was my father. JUDGE LAKE:
Really? Wow. And I’m praying
that he is my father. Jerome, I think
it’s time we meet him. Please escort
Mr. Kilgore in. Hello, sir,
come with me. Can I give him a hug? JUDGE LAKE:
Yes, you may. Is that okay,
Most certainly. Mr. Kilgore, thank you
for being here today. Yes, ma’am.
Pleasure to be here. JUDGE LAKE: So, you know,
we’re talking to Miss Joseph, and she says
that you’re her
biological father. KILGORE: Yes, ma’am. Do you remember
knowing her mother and having a relationship
with her? Yes, ma’am, um,
I met her mother, uh… Her and I
had an affair. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. We just kind of
weaned out ’cause, you know,
I had a girlfriend and
she had a boyfriend. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. So, you all just kinda
let it fizzle out. Yes, ma’am. Do you ever
remember hearing that Miss Joseph’s mom
was pregnant? No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Never? Never. KILGORE: She said, “Well,
you know, my mother “told me that
you are my father.” I said, “Oh, yeah?
Send me a picture.” Which is… Which is
this photo right here. JUDGE LAKE: Let me see
that please, Jerome. She was 36 years old
when I first find it out. Wow! So, for 36 years you never heard a thing
about this girl. Never heard a thing. So, she sends you
a picture. KILGORE: Right. This picture here. KILGORE: Mmm-hmm. And this is the first
picture you got where you laid eyes
on her. KILGORE: Right. JUDGE LAKE:
What did you think? She got some features of me
and one of my nieces. JUDGE LAKE: So,
when you stared
at this picture you said,
“I do see similarities “between this young girl,
myself and my family.” Right, right. Right. Miss Joseph, so,
when you made contact
with Mr. Kilgore and he said,
“Send me the picture,” what were you
feeling like? Hopeful?
Were you just nervous or… I was nervous. I was happy ’cause
he sounded like
he was… He felt like
I was his daughter. So, when we, uh… So, you felt like
he was receptive. JOSEPH: Yes, ma’am.
Yes, Your Honor. Okay. And it was…
It was just amazing. And so you
really felt full. JOSEPH: Yes. You felt like there was… JOSEPH: I felt full,
but I wasn’t sure. Still doubtful? Still doubtful because I don’t want to
put my heart in something
and it’s not there. AUDIENCE: Aw. I hope, this time, you know,
I’m the lucky one because, you know,
I want her to have a father. I want her
to know her father. So, Miss Joseph… Yes, Your Honor. You’ve brought
a witness today, I’d like to hear from them.
Please stand, sir. State your name
for the court. My name is
Sylvester Johnson. Mr. Johnson, you are
Miss Joseph’s brother? Brother. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Take me to the day
you first found
Mr. Kilgore. Well, I was on my way
to Florida, where we lived,
our home state and my sister
introduced me
to a young lady. And we began to be friends
and share a lot of
family information because we both come
from the same town. JUDGE LAKE: Mmm-hmm. JOHNSON: And she told me
the name, well,
Kilgore came up, that her mother
was in that family and I remember
that’s the name
my mother gave us for April’s father. Okay, this is amazing. You’re talking to a person
you just meet randomly. JOHNSON: Yes, ma’am. Once she showed
me the picture, I kinda was… Definitely
she has features
of Mr. Kilgore. JUDGE LAKE: Wow. I called her and let her know
that, “I believe I found
your father.” AUDIENCE: Wow. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Wow. So, when you got that call
from your brother,
what were you thinking? JOSEPH: I was excited. And I just felt that
right off the bat that,
yeah, he was my father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) The stakes are high. JOSEPH: It is. If in fact Mr. Kilgore
is not your biological father since your mother
has passed on, you won’t be able
to get any other name. This is it.
This is all I got. I really feel in my heart that he’s my father,
so this is it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) If not, I will still
look at him as my father. JUDGE LAKE: If he’s not… If he’s not… If he’s not,
I’m gonna still call him… He’s still my father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome. (SNIFFLING) All right? The results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Joseph v. Kilgore
as it pertains
to the paternity
of April Joseph, Mr. Billy Kilgore, you are not her father. AUDIENCE: Aw. JOSEPH: (SOBBING) God… KILGORE: Come on. Come on. That’s okay. You’re still my daughter,
you heard what I said,
you’re still my daughter. (SNIFFLING) JOSEPH: Okay, thank you. (SNIFFLING) I’m so sorry, Miss Joseph. I really am. (SNIFFLING) Maybe you truly believed
Mr. Kilgore was your father. So, now you have this closure
and now you can move forward.
All right? Mr. Kilgore, I thank you for not only being open
and receptive to this
beautiful young woman, but for coming here today
to try to answer her questions
and your own. And I hope you have
a special place in your heart
for her as well. Yes, ma’am, I do. Good luck to everyone,
court is adjourned. KILGORE: Okay. Jerome, may I see
Miss Joseph? JEROME: Sure. Oh, honey, listen. (SNIFFLING) There still may be
answers out there. You just have to decide
that you’re strong enough
to pursue that truth. Now the court can provide
resources for you
to help you process this and more importantly
figure out what
your next step will be. But I think Mr. Kilgore
is a very good place
to start. See who he knows,
talk to people
in the town but don’t stop
because you deserve
this truth, okay? Thank you. Stay strong,
all right? I’ll be checking
on you. Thank you. All right,
good luck to you. Thanks.

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