10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos

10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos

10 Strange Unexplained Internet Videos 10. Sitting and Smiling Benjamin Bennett is a YouTuber with 149,528
subscribers and 281 videos on his channel. He’s been uploading on YouTube for over
3 years now, but all of his videos consist of almost exactly the same thing – sitting,
smiling and staring directly at you. With each video lasting over four hours, viewers
can see Bennett’s strange commitment to the task. In one video he goes to the toilet
where he’s sat, and in another he even stares straight ahead as someone breaks into his
house and enters the room. Even though he’s been interviewed on it,
Bennett has never revealed quite why he is doing what he’s doing, claiming he’s not
really sure himself. All that is clear of Bennett is that looking directly at him for
too long is enough to give anybody the creeps. 9. Blank Room Soup.avi Blank Room Soup.avi first surfaced in 2014.
The video depicts an anonymous man crying while eating the contents of a bowl with a
huge spoon. He’s comforted by two bizarre costumed figures, who stroke him while he
eats. These costumes belonged to a performer named
Raymond Persi. The suits are his characters used in sketches called “RayRay”, but
Persi revealed to Youtuber ReignBot that the costumes had been stolen. He then received
this clip of his own characters moving perfectly like they used to, in an email with absolutely
no explanation. The man has never been identified, so his
fate is unknown, and it’s never revealed what the “soup” is, but some have theorised
that it’s human remains, and that the video originates from the dark web. Some also cry
hoax, but it’s something that may never be revealed. 8. The Max Headroom Incident The Max Headroom Incident occurred in 1987,
Chicago’s TV channel WGN was hacked twice – once during a football game, and a second
time during an episode of Doctor Who. The video of the rogue transmission is bizarre
and near unintelligible, featuring a man wearing a mask of the British TV character Max Headroom
shouting odd phrases like “catch the wave” and “my brother is wearing the other glove
– it’s like you got bloodstains on it!”. The shot then changes to the same man being
spanked by a woman in a french maid’s outfit. It’s been 30 years since the incident, but
nobody has any idea who was responsible. To do this in the 80s, you would need extremely
expensive equipment and an incredible amount of electricity too. But the lingering question
is why? Was it harmless trolling before its time or something much more sinister? 7. My Sister Uploaded to Youtube in 2011, ‘My Sister’
appears to show a woman trying on different outfits for the camera. The video is instantly
unsettling, as the woman stares into the camera with an unchanging smile, without blinking,
but takes a much more sinister turn at the one minute mark. After styling her third outfit, the woman
comes in close to the camera and removes the mask she’s been wearing, revealing her real
face below it. Next, the video cuts to the woman eating various foods, before turning
again to the camera and pulling the bottom of her face. Her face stretches out, suggesting a second
mask, but the video ends before we’re offered an answer. The channel it was posted to is
primarily a gaming channel, and My Sister stands out as a strange exception although
no one has been able to find any other origin for the clip. 6. Witch Sighting Originally uploaded to Youtube in 2014, this
video of a strange hunched figure chasing after a cameraman has been viewed by millions,
despite the original video having been taken down. The figure appears to be an old woman
with a walking stick, but travels surprisingly fast and screeches in a way that doesn’t
sound quite human. This has lead many to view the video as evidence
of something supernatural, and some believing the title’s cries of witchcraft. Others
have written off the video as fake, but the terror of those filming the figure seems disturbingly
genuine, so their level of involvement is questionable even if the video is a hoax. Furthermore the men speak in Arabic, and Saudi
Arabia is one of several countries where Witchcraft still carries the death penalty, so a hoax
of this kind could be a huge risk if the video originates in one of them. Whatever the origin,
the video is undeniably creepy and we probably aren’t likely to receive an explanation. 5. Grave Robbing For Morons Appearing on YouTube in 2014, Grave Robbing
For Morons shows two men explaining how to rob a grave in horrifying detail. Some have
dismissed the video as fake, but its VHS quality and 26 minute runtime suggest it originates
long before Youtube, and before hoaxes like that were widely popular. The video shows two men holding what appears
to be a real human skull, as they demonstrate how to remove bones. The man on camera appears
to have blood on him and speaks with a strange stutter and odd mannerisms. A website was been set up questioning who
the men in the video actually are and what the video actually is, although to this day
nobody knows this disturbing videos true origin. 4. Deeper The ‘Deeper’ Youtube channel has been
responsible for 35 videos, each of which offers no more explanation as to what’s going on.
The short videos range from a strange, dark house to abandoned forest areas and are accompanied
by creepy music and radio static. Some videos are followed by what appear to
be codes, which when solved have pointed to various unsolved murder cases. The videos’
content reached a disturbing peak 20 videos in. The confusingly titled video shows someone’s
feet, covered in what appears to be blood as they clean up, before cutting to a large
chemical container which shakes unsettlingly. The most recent video was posted on December
2nd 2017, and the creator has yet to be identified. Theories have spanned from a Horror Alternative
Reality Game to a deranged serial killer leaving clues about their crimes. 3. Lisa Holm When a Youtube account under the name ‘Lisa
Holm’ posted a video on May 24th 2015, simply titled ‘13’, no one took any notice. Even
though the strange video was just 10 seconds of a 1 minute countdown, it wasn’t nearly
weird enough to garner any attention. This was until a Swedish teenager disappeared,
who shared the name of the youtube channel. Lisa Holm’s disappearance took place exactly
13 days after the ‘13’ video was posted, leading many to suggest it was posted by someone
involved in the disappearance. After 5 days, Holm’s body was found and
DNA evidence lead to an arrest and prosecution, although the video was never mentioned in
the trial, and its poster remains unknown to this day. 2. Elisa Lam In 2013, when guests at LA’s Cecil Hotel
complained about the taste and color of their water, no one could have guessed that the
cause would be a woman’s body in the building’s water tank. Police suspected foul play, but
reports showed Elisa Lam had lost her life by drowning. The mystery surrounding the case only grew
once the hotel’s CCTV was released. The last footage of Lam before her death show
her in an elevator, in what seems to switch from a childish game of hide and seek to genuine
terror several times despite never once showing a second person. The footage has been viewed millions of times
across various Youtube channels, and has spawned countless theories on Lam’s final moments.
Many suggest the video shows her hiding from someone chasing her, with others suggesting
the video shows her experiencing hallucinations that would lead her to take her life. Other
theories suspect something supernatural, but either way the footage is as unsettling as
it is mysterious. 1. Mr.112Dirtbag On February 9th 2004, a 21-year-old US college
student named Maura Murray went missing, after excusing herself from classes citing a family
emergency that was later found to be a lie. Her car would later be found crashed on route
112 in New Hampshire. In an interview, her father suggested that
whomever had taken Maura was a ‘dirtbag’, which stoked suspicion when the Youtube channel
‘Mr.112Dirtbag’ was created several years later. On the channel, a video was posted
of an old man looking at the camera and laughing hysterically, before stopping suddenly and
winking. The video, posted 8 years to the day of Murray’s
disappearance, ends with the words ‘Happy Anniversary’, leading many to believe the
man was the killer. Other videos were posted to the channel which seemed to provide hints
about the case, and the police identified the man as Alden Howes Olson. However they
were unable to link him to Murray’s disappearance, which remains unsolved. So that was 10 Strange Unexplained Internet
Videos. Were you creeped out? Do you have any theories? Or do you just feel like a break
from the internet? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe. While
you’re at it, check out this great Alltime10s video on screen now.”

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