10 Best Website Templates for Your Online Portfolio [2020]

Whether you’re part of an agency, or a freelancer, you need a home base to showcase your create work, and make it easy for people who want to hire you to find you. A website provides potential clients with a way to find you, and details about the type of work you offer, where you’re located, and your pricing structure. But, it’s also a space for showcasing the quality and scope of your work. Portfolio website templates are premade website themes designed to showcase create work like photography, graphic design, video, and more. They offer a range of layout options for your content, color customization, and a bunch of other ways you can tweak them to bring it in line with your brand, your values, and hero your best work. As we’ll find out in our list of the 10 best portfolio website templates of 2020. All items in today’s list are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find a link in the description. Number 10 Built to be eye catching, Audist by PremiumLayers is a beautiful, minimalist template. Built in Bootstrap, it’s fully responsive, features soft animations, a restrained color scheme, Google Fonts, Google Maps integration, and a comprehensive icons pack. It’s modern, yet friendly. Number 9 With its mostly black and white color scheme, NEW by mutationthemes is a one page affair that adds as little friction as possible between your content and the user. It’s an exercise in restraint, relying on the images you add to provide a sense of color. Yet, it’s not necessarily stark. Rather, it’s clear, with all copy, and iconography easily readable, and interpretable. It feels fresh, and chic. Number 8 Employing parallax effects, responsive design, and stunning layouts, Hecate by IG_design is a great choice for showcasing videos, and other visual content. It’s a HTML5 template that’s perfect for photographers, and video creators wanting their work to take center stage on their website. Number 7 With a chic, modern design, and a focus on high quality images, Blossom by PremiumLayers is a strong choice for photographers, and graphic designers. Whether you’re showcasing designs, branding, or photos, this HTML5 template will do it justice, making it a great fit for agencies, and freelancers. Number 6 Colorful, yet minimalist, Oscar by designova is built for startups, agencies, and freelancers. It employs a fresh concept that merges photography, written content, and GIFs to create a unique homepage. It features multiple portfolio landing page options, advanced UI elements, and various presentation layouts. It’s a winning template for those wanting something artistic. Number 5 Gorge Portfolio Template by tavonline combines interactive elements, like animated patterns behind the header, rotating subtitle text that can scroll through the services you provide, and a modern, friendly grid of images linking to other pages. With soft colors, and smooth animations, it’s minimalist, but friendly, and features a number of light and dark color schemes. It also provides a large number of layout options to best suit your style of content. It’s versatile, and intuitive. Number 4 Built to showcase a broad range of creative work, Ben by ThemeVillain is versatile, and effective. With options for full-size hero images, masonry grids, and more, it’s a simple, fully responsive option for showcasing your work. Number 3 Alinti by WPmine is a great template for agencies, and businesses beyond the creative field. It’s a comprehensive one page experience, showcasing your work, company mission, team, and pricing structure, among other things. It’s a digestible way to get as much information about your company, and your services across in one go, and will make the most of a potential client’s first impression. Number 2 Employing responsive design, parallax effects, and a neutral color scheme that feels fresh, and engaging, Leto by IG_design is perfect for graphic designers, and photographers. Customize colors with only a few clicks, and use the smooth scrolling, and responsive video support features to create a cohesive experience for the user. Number 1 Built to cover every aspect of a website, from the homepage, to the gallery, and blog, Grand Portfolio by max-themes is stunning. It supplies ready to go themes for fashion designers, bloggers, publishers, and architects. And, its minimal aesthetic makes it versatile, and timeless. It’s gorgeously simple. And that wraps up our list of the 10 best portfolio website templates of 2020. All the items featured are in the description below. Like and subscribe if you found this video helpful, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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