✅ AutoPublish Posts from WordPress to Facebook & More

✅ AutoPublish Posts from WordPress to Facebook & More

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into
another WordPress Wednesday Today, wraps up our series that we’ve done
on social media plugins How to use a hashtag All things social media having to do with
WordPress, specifically. We’ve looked at a lot of different options
for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Pinterest
All sorts of different networks. So, if you missed all those
be sure to check those out I’ll put some links in the description box
below. So, you can check those out. Get some ideas for how to be using those
social networks to improve your branding reach and to improve the
experience that your users have on those networks. So, today, I want to talk about how to get
your posts in WordPress automatically published at least
to Facebook. I’ve got a couple other options that
you’ll be able to get posts published across the board to a ton of
different networks all at once But, I first want to start off by showing
you a free option Because, if you’ve watched my channel you
know that free is always in the budget So, we want to look at… I’m just gonna show you on here for
a second… This again is how to get your blog posts As soon as you click publish on a blog
post We want it to automatically connect over
to your Facebook page and kind of do an excerpt blurp over there Maybe also include your featured image
over there and then, of course, put a link to get
people to come back to your website. Now, if you’re only interested in using
this for one network Facebook is probably the obvious
choice there. It’s not too much of a time saver; but, if
you’re really trying to connect across multiple networks, this could
really be a timesaver for you Of course, if you’re running on dot com
version of WordPress You probably know about Jetpack Inside of Jetpack you have an option for
something like this called “Publicize” So, take a look at that one That’s available inside of Jetpack If you haven’t wanted to use this;
because, of just the heaviness, the weight of what of what JetPack is
on your website There’s another option.
So, let’s do this. Of course, in our dashboard we are in the
“Add New” area and I want to do a search for “Accesspress Facebook” is what we’re gonna
do a search for So, you can see that, right here.
“AccessPress Facebook” and, this is the option that comes up that
that we are looking for This is “AccessPress” is the developers
name of this particular plugin I’m not making money off of advertising
this. I’m just showing you a solution that I’ve
found in the “free” range It only has 9,000 installs.
It’s relatively new. It has been updated a day ago.
So, that’s great. We know that this author cares to keep
this plugin secure for us. And, of course, it says here that it’s
compatible with our version of WordPress So, you always want to check that If this is later on down the road that
you’re viewing this video Please be sure, before you click “Install”
on this That it is up to date. It’s at least been updated within the last
six months That’s it’s still compatible with your
version and that it still has great reviews
and a lot of active installs. So, you just go ahead and click “Install” Because I’m on WP Engine with my hosting They, of course, give you a quick alert
and say, “Hey, are you sure that you want
to do this before you do a backup?” And, I normally just go for it Living on the edge, people.
Living on the edge. Once you activate it You’ve installed it and you’ve
activated it Down here on the left side of your
dashboard, you will have an access point to get in here and run through
the settings Now, all of that was pretty simple and
straight forward It’s installing any plugin Here’s where it get a little more
nerd code style, okay Wrap your brain around this and don’t
be intimidated by this Because, all it is simple instruction.
We follow the instructions, click through And we’re able to, basically, build what
we call an API A bridge between your social media
network, Facebook, and your website So, we’ve gotta connect the two and give
them, in a sense, permission to connect and that’s what we’re about to do here. So, step-by-step instructions. Of course, it sends and alert, right now. It says we haven’t done it, yet. You need to go ahead and authorize your
account to connect with each other. And you’re gonna be looking to copy and
paste in some things here Now, this gives us clear instruction “Please visit here and create a new
Facebook application to get application I.D. and application
secret.” So, we’re gonna click here and I’ve
already got a few created. All you do is click this green button that
says “Add New” And, of course, I’m already logged into
my Facebook account And, we want to connect it with a website So, you click “Website” And then, here you go
“Quick Start for Website” You just go ahead and type in what it is and as you walk through this, at the end
of this process It is going to give you the simple code
that you copy and paste into these areas
“1” and “2” and they will tell you that it’s the
application I.D. and application secret. You’ll be able to copy and paste it in Then, it says “Click Here to Get Your
Facebook I.D.” You’ll click there and it will tell you
what to paste in there And that’s kind of how you do it You’re just gonna walk down through all
these options Down here towards the bottom, it’s saying
“Do you want to allow us to auto-publish
your posts and your pages?” Maybe all the other things that you have
going on or simply just your posts for your blog It’s really up to you, you can make that
choice, right here. And then, once you’ve got all those
settings in place you’ll click “Save Settings” and you’ll
be able to start broadcasting these as soon as you
click “Publish” So, if that’s kind of too fast The other cool thing that’s in this
plugin is Check this out. You’ve got an option, right here.
“How to Use” and they’ve got a quick tutorial video
that’s probably a little more advanced
than mine and they’re gonna really help you
understand how to set all this up Take a moment and ready through this I know we don’t always like to read
we like to watch videos But, take a moment and read through these
instructions This developer really wants to hold your
hand and get you successfully publishing Here’s the other thing this really cool
author will do is if you’re looking to publish across
a bunch of networks all at once they do have a pro version of this and I’ll put the link to this in the
description box below This particular pro version allows you to
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr all at one time. It’s a $20 one time fee for you to purchase this pro version and
install it and run it And again, it has pretty good reviews.
It’s still kind of new. It’s just again been updated this year,
so that’s great If you’re looking to go just big You say, “You know what Kori, I’m using
ten different networks.” “I really need a timesaver and I don’t
always like having to go over to Hootsuite and still set everything up. I really
want that one magic button that as soon as I click it, it blasts
across the board.” I’ll give you one more This is a premium plugin I’ll give you one more option here
called Next Scripts For free they allow you to use one
network So, if you’re looking to do just Instagram
or just Twitter or just Facebook This allows you one free The second you want to do more than that,
it’s going to immediately ask that you buy the pro version and
I think, right now, it’s on sale for 50 U.S. dollars per year So, it’s a little bit more pricey.
50 bucks. But, check this out. Let me see if I can show you… Oh my word, if I can show you what all Over here.
Watch this. Look, you guys. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger Tumblr, Flickr I mean, there’s Instagram in here There’s Pinterest, there’s Linkedin
in here There’s all sorts of ones that you can
just check out and see what all is available Look at all these just down the row here All these different networks that it
immediately allows you to sync your website to And with that magic click of “Publish”,
it will broadcast out. Of course, each one of these, as you
install it, you’ll have to make that connection
per network, at least one time. You’ll have to set that up and give
permissions for your website to speak to that network and then you’re
off and running. I hope this has helped you. If you’ve used any of these tools or if you have another one in mind that
you’ve used Would you put it in the comments below? We can all kind of share our knowledge
and grow our WordPress community. I hope you’re having a great one. I will see you next week for another
WordPress Wednesday. Bye, y’all!

87 thoughts on “✅ AutoPublish Posts from WordPress to Facebook & More

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