Hello everyone! This is Tanya The General and my channel –
My Personal Take on America. Like I promised, I’m renewing
my Dating America series. And today we’ll talk about about the most common complaint
and wide-spread objection that the Internet is flooded with perverts, that you can’t meet anyone through the Internet, that dating sites are like cesspits and searching there is like
rummaging in a heap of dung. Let’s discuss this topic today. Make yourselves at home. All your objections, doubts,
comments and likes are welcome. I spent a long time thinking
where to film this video, choosing beautiful locations, considering if I should go here,
or there, or some other place… and then I thought, “Tatiana, why are you pretending? All your most recent dates
have happened on the couch… with a book and a cup of tea, or in the kitchen with some new recipe for a new batch of guests on your doorstep. So, I decided that
while I’m cooking something special for the guests that are
already on their way here to taste my “masterpiece”, I’ll quickly tell you everything. And at the same time I’ll show you
how I cook my “dashing dishes” that are mind-blowingly delicious
and make my guests say, “Damn, Tatiana! You’re a super host!” And I say, “Yeah.” This happiness has overtaken me unexpectedly – I’ve fallen in love with cooking,
receiving guests, laying the table and all that. And what are we cooking today? We’ll see it right now. Trust me, it’s unbelievably delicious. If my guests don’t show up right now,
I’ll start eating it alone. Oh, and by the way, speaking of delicious, new and fresh stuff, check out what new material
we have on YouTube regarding newly-minted IT specialists. You often ask me how people
of “creative professions” with such and such background can retrain and succeed. So, I’ve recently found a new blog for you. It’s called “Mama I’m in IT”. Damn, I want to put a comma
after the word “mama”. This is a brand new blog. They have very few subscribers, and they are very, very, very creative about their content. Zhenya and Emma are really young. They moved to the USA a few years ago. They were building their careers in the USA
the same way most immigrants do – washing dishes, fishing, servicing boats, and so on. Then, as it often happens,
they found Mikhail Portnov’s school acquired a new profession, and started working in the Silicon Valley. Their blog is a collection of stories
about life in California which, as you know, is never boring. They give a lot of facts about
QA testing as a profession, about challenges in acquiring this profession, funny jokes and their personal opinion of America. And you should note that Zhenya
used to be a classical musician. If you want to know how life
treats a classical musician who has switched
to a totally technical profession, check out “Mama I’m in IT”, subscribe,
and become their friend. As usual, the link is in the info box below. So, what can I tell you? During my entire dating period,
and that’s 4 years, I’ve had about 73 first dates. I’ve lost count of them. I can approximately name the number
only thanks to my Dating America playlist. And basing on that experience
I can draw certain conclusions. I don’t claim to be objective in any way. Obviously, that’s not a scientific research. 4 years, 1 woman and 73 men is not enough to universalize the results, so I’m just telling you my personal
impressions, my personal opinion. Let’s start with the fact that I haven’t been
on a date for a long while now and I can’t even remember
when the last one took place. It just so happened that after all the events
that unfolded 2 years ago… Those who have been watching me and
My Personal Take on America for a long time know what I’m talking about. And if you’ve joined me recently, please, watch my video about
date No.27 and what it led to. Or better yet, don’t watch it
because it was a nightmare, disaster and frenzy. However, that story did not
finish for me entirely. It’s entirely unfinished… After I tried to date other different people and even had a relationship with a very nice man whom I almost married… It happens with me all the time –
first, I say, “This would be the perfect location
for you to propose to me.” Then we go there, and when we’re about
to reach the “perfect proposal spot” I start thinking, “Gosh! What am I doing?” So, I realized that I don’t want anyone except for that damn Irishman and that nothing and no one
else makes me happy. So, if not him then no one. I decided to live a nice and comfortable life while he takes his time to realize that life won’t offer him
anything better than Tatiana and he should come back to me. So, all my present insights
are purely theoretical and based on my previous experience and my previous dates. Currently all my dates take place
in the kitchen and on the couch. Regarding the Internet, I believe that we, the newcomers, have no other option, but the Internet because most of the time we have
a very limited number of acquaintances who could help us meet someone. The best case scenario –
we have a group of Russian-speaking friends, and not all of us want to find
a Russian-speaking partner for life, let’s be honest about it. There’s no point in playing
a local game with foreign rules and players. Another aspect is, obviously, certain language problems. Even a simple small talk in some public place that we go to,
be it a store or some other place, still feels unnatural, contrived to us as we haven’t learned how to do it. It’s my 7th year of living in America and I’ve been training
hard and long to finally learn how to start and keep up with the small talk and even started to kind of enjoy the process. And finally, there’s the fact
that there is no place for respectable ladies to meet good, appropriate,
decent or at least ANY men. Especially when they’ve just arrived
and for some reason they’re single and free. Where should they go? To the office? God forbid! Here in the office everyone
keeps a safe distance while staying very polite. I have a very close friend in my office. We’re like two peas in a pod. Maybe you saw her
in my video about Thanksgiving. We were hugging and squealing
in the kitchen after my week-long vacation. She asked me to not look in her direction
while we’re in the office. So, people have certain events in their lives that make them separate two lives:
we’re friends only outside the office, and inside we’re like… All right, so be it. So, I don’t see anything bad
about meeting people through the Internet as long as you realize that the Internet is a special environment. Naturally, anonymity
lets everyone feel unrestrained. And people become not really themselves, utterly not themselves
or even complete opposites of themselves. The most typical “characters”
in the world of online dating are the people who have a real-life relationship. They can either be married
or have a long-term partner. But something went wrong –
they had a fight, or they had some kind of drama, so they quickly decided
to turn to the dating sites with the sole purpose
of boosting their self-esteem. Another category are the so-called heartthrobs or excitement addicts. The people who love the budding
of a new relationship when everything is just starting with flirting, butterflies in the stomach
and bubbles in the head. They enjoy all that. And they are simply incapable of
a serious relationship, they just can’t go further. These people spend years on dating sites. It’s their well-traveled route. You can always identify them
by their use of cliched phrases. When they start talking to you,
you feel that they are using some kind of scenario, some kind of script. Sometimes when you get
a response to your message it’s obvious that it hasn’t even been read. Or when you write some notable facts
about yourself in your profile for example, “I’m from Russia”, and the man asks you,
“You have an unusual name. Where are you from?” It’s clear that he’s just casting
a wide net to catch as much fish as possible. Another category is weirdos, of course. They never ever intend
to have any relationship or real-life communication,
they just hang out there. There’s a huge number
of such people on free-membership sites. And, finally, let’s not forget
about notorious “Nigerian princes”. I don’t know what Nigeria did wrong, but it has already become proverbial as a generic homeland of scammers. This guy finds online a bunch of pictures
of some military officer (military officers are very popular) and writes something like
“I’m a military doctor in a flashpoint area (somewhere like Tehran). I’m searching for a love of my life. I want this, and this, and this…” Extensive writing follows. The biggest red flag is him saying
his child is sick and he needs money. Only your common sense can help you. And it’s quite obvious that if he’s saying that he’s a military officer, that he’s somewhere in a flashpoint area, it’s a signal to prick up your ears and tell him, “Oh, I don’t need this, goodbye.” In on my own experience, I had one story like that. It was during my first attempt on sites, when I was as green as a spring leaf. We wrote to each other for a long time,
even sent voice messages on Facebook, and the guy told me
he came to live in Houston like maybe a month before. And when I asked him
why we keep writing to each other exhausting our fingers
instead of just calling each other, he said that when he was buying his condo (and he named a rather expensive area in Houston) he spent everything and had no money so he sold his phone
or his contract expired and he had no phone. At that point even my inexperienced
alarm system went off and I though it’s bullshit. And then, a lot later, I saw the pictures that he used in his profile and it turned out they belonged
to a not very well-known actor. And I compared the pictures and realized
that he just took them from the Internet to fill his profile on Facebook. He created a fake Facebook profile! Well, he didn’t have a ton of pictures, but quite a few from his daily life. So, it was either a Nigerian scammer, or some sort of conman… I don’t know if inmates in American prisons
have access to the Internet. But I strongly suspect that it was a jailbird. In such cases, there’s only one way: note how this person reacts
to normal course of events. The normal course of events is the following: why did we come to the dating site? That’s right – to find and meet a person, get to know him better, see if he suits you or not, start a relationship, develop communication, spend time together, and then – voila – become boyfriend
and girlfriend, for example. And if something doesn’t go
according to this scenario then in 99% of the cases it’s definitely not the thing you need. It’s exactly that bullshit, that garbage, that cesspit of perverts. There’s nothing you can do or say about that. The statement that the Internet is full of garbage is utterly true and correct. And what exactly you find there determines… And whether you’ll find
your pearl or a piece of garbage depends only on the fact
how your inner filters are set and how rational
and down-to-earth you are – you should be prepared to expect that yes, a knight in shining armour
won’t immediately fall on your head. God forbid he falls on you, otherwise you’ll have to
carry him on your back like a horse. My assistant is complaining. I feel way more comfortable and way more vigorous when I talk while standing. But then my assistant
has nowhere to land and nowhere to sit. She’s telling you, “I’ve missed you, guys!” Say how much you’ve missed all the followers of
My Personal Take on America. That’s how much, yeah. While we’re talking everything is sizzling and bubbling,
so I need to check it. OK, the food is ready. Let’s round up this video. My summary: there’s nothing bad about meeting
people through the Internet. If you’re watching my Dating America playlist I have a couple of fantastic stories there. For example,
one of my favorite couples and my favorite heroine
whom I saw only once, but immediately fell in love with – Tanya, met her future husband via Tinder. Yes, that very Tinder
that’s so boisterously badmouthed as an app used only to find sex partners. She spent 3 days there after her children registered her
so she wouldn’t feel alone and bored. And her “chosen one”, who became her husband in the end, was registered by his colleague unhappy that he’d been alone for so long. So she’d registered him 2 or 3 days
prior to the day they met. This proves that along with
a bunch of serial daters and all the weirdos
that I’ve described before, you can still use the Internet to find people who are interested
in building a serious relationship or even… in marriage. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! But in order to not get disappointed you should start with moderate expectations. Write a clear and brief description of yourself, upload some nice pictures, and pay attention to the behavior
of a person you communicate with – whether he’s following your scenario, whether he’s ready
to give you his phone number (which you can use
to check him, by the way). Usually, decent men who have nothing to hide give their Facebook page or their full name which you can use
to find all kinds of info. Google knows everything. This alone already serves as a sign that this man is more or less safe. And the sooner your online communication
transforms into a real-life date, the better. My personal record was:
first message in the morning, first date in the evening. And that was a proper and decent man. The improper and indecent ones
continued endless messages. Again, during my first attempt,
when I was a rookie and didn’t understand
how this thing worked it could be a month
of slow burning or smoldering, fading away or flickering out. It’s possible that at the same time
he was considering other candidates while I was just waiting on a stand-by track. We can’t rule out that chance. But in this case you can clearly understand that if you’re not his No.1 priority then he shouldn’t be your priority either. Me and Natasha Kachanova,
a dating coach, plan to make a series
of webinars about dating sites. Natasha calls it
“working on dating sites”. I could share some facts from my
personal dating experience in the USA and Natasha could offer
a more scientific approach as a person who understands
the nature and mechanisms of relationships between males and females. So I’ll be very grateful if you tell me what you want to know about dating, especially the beginning of it. How to make a profile,
how to choose dating sites, what pictures to post,
what to write about yourself, how to start communication – these are the starting points. We’ll read all your questions and basing on them
we’ll draft our first webinar to which I’ll invite all of you
as soon as it’s ready. I think it’s time to finish. The guests are almost here. Everything is ready for them. And as usual,
don’t forget to like this video because I know that this topic
always interests you. Share your stories with us
if you have any. I really enjoyed the comment
below one of my latest videos which stated in a very
concise and sensible way that yes, it’s true, it’s work just like any other. The most important thing
is to know what you want, to select and estimate
your candidates rationally, without daydreaming and deluding yourself. Then everything will work just fine. Or some other way that you prefer. And what are we cooking today? We’ll see it right now. What we’re cooking here is a very simple and quick dish – prawns in cream sauce with garlic, rosemary, and I think this time I should add
some Philadelphia cream cheese and white wine in order to improve and enhance the taste. And as a side instead of
traditional rice that I don’t like I’m making what looks like pearl barley, but is in fact an Italian mix
called “Five grains” that definitely looks like pearl barley. It tastes better than rice. Now my mission No.1
is to deal with the prawns. This is 1 pound of prawns,
which is about half a kilogram. It cost me $12. Tell me if it’s expensive or not. Because I just entered the store
and said, “Gimme prawns!” I don’t know if they should cost more or less. I just took what I was given
because I wanted them to be wild. Totally wild prawns. Now my mission is to open
the backs of their shells to make it easier to eat them. It’s a challenge I’ll try to fulfill. I stand with those
who believe that much butter… Wait, what butter? Much garlic can never spoil the dish. So, the more garlic, the better. I opened the prawns easily – I cut the shells with scissors. Now they’ll be eater-friendly. Now we’re sending garlic
into well-heated avocado oil, which you can replace with
olive oil, sunflower oil or butter, or any kind of oil that you prefer. We’re dumping it there and watching it closely,
not going anywhere! As soon as we feel the scent of garlic we add rosemary and prawns. I can’t film it becasue my hands will be busy. The main task is
to let garlic slightly wilt, then add rosemary and prawns
and reduce heat. Then let the prawns simmer. Later we’ll add cream. And then we’ll see how it goes. This question is still open. What shall we do further? As soon as we dump garlic
into the frying pan we watch and wait literally
1, 2, 3 seconds. Done! That’s it, I feel the smell. Move the frying pan aside and add prawns there. Damn, I need an assistant. These are our pretties. Reduce heat. Make it minimum, so garlic doesn’t burn. Add a generous amount of rosemary, a full tea spoon of salt, and then a little cream and wine. The amount of cream should be enough
to cover the prawns to the middle. And a little wine. The main task is not to get drunk. Well, that’s it. I can continue filming my video because we’ve done what was necessary. Now we only need to cover it with a lid and let it simmer on minimum heat on minimum heat! for a little while. A very little while, 7 minutes tops. I don’t have the patience to put the prawns onto a separate plate and then melt cream cheese
in the frying pan. But I simply pushed the prawns aside and melted Philadelphia
cream cheese right here. Trust me, it’s unbelievably delicious. If my guests don’t show up right now,
I’ll start eating it alone. Oh, my gosh, the smell! White wine definitely didn’t hurt. And that’s it for today. Thank you for watching. Please, stay in touch, visit my Instagram. And I’ve also created a Telegram account
although I don’t know why. If you’re using Telegram and know what advantages it can give and how, please, write about it in the comments. Do we need it?
Will we communicate there? Won’t it consume more of my time that I could spend lying on the couch
or hanging out in the kitchen? That’s all I wanted to say. Don’t go too far,
we have lots of fun stuff ahead. Thank you. Bye-bye. So what do we have here? We have something amazingly delicious. But the presentation is very, very, very poor. So far it’s my weak spot. And I have a request. If you know Internet sites,
blogs or video blogs that quickly teach you
how to properly serve delicious meals I’ll appreciate if you share. Hit me in the comments. Thank you.


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  33. А ведь Вам весьма неплохо с открытым лицом, в смысле без челки.

  34. нееет. только не ирландец) я так радовалась за вас в последний раз, что вы все поняли про него…Татьяна, вы с психотерапевтом не обсуждали отношения с ним?

  35. На сайтах не какие-то особенные люди, а всё те же, что окружают нас в реале. Просто без приличной маски. Вот эта эпоха анонимного интернета и даёт нам увидеть внутренний мир наших мужчин, какой он есть, без прикрас. И хорошо.

  36. Танечка, вы выглядете просто высший класс! Ваш блог просто супер! Молодец! Слежу за вами с самого начала, вы изменились в лучшую сторону и внешне и вообще. Очень за вас рада. Вы стали как родственница. Очень добрый и открытый человек. Спасибо вам за ваш труд! Вы просто красавица!!!

  37. НУ обычная История ! 73 свидания и Никого ! Не попался Олень минимум Миллионер !

  38. В моем опыте были скамеры, которые имели телефоны и мы перезванивались чуть ли не каждый день. В этом случае насторожить должно нежелание мужчины использовать видеозвонок. И еще хочу сказать, Таня, Вам очень идет открытый лоб)

  39. Посмотрела свидание 27, Татьяна и сделала только 1 вывод, Вам так хорошо быть блондинкой)

  40. Татьяна, расскажите пожалуйста если в Америке можно найти себе парня на работе. Или с коллегами не принято встречаться в Америке ?
    И ещё один вопрос, так вы продолжаете опять ходить на свидание с Американцами или нет?

  41. А мне попадался архитектор с фото Агутина, и 2ое фото с Варум. Когда я спросила.. он сразу удалился )))

  42. Мы с мужем познакомились,на площади Революции у нас в городе. Я гуляла с подругами, он с друзьями. Ему я очень понравилась и он попросил мой номер телефона. Ну я не пробивная и номер свой не дала. Он проводил меня на маршрутку.Я шла к остановке и у меня в голове была только одна мысль:Если он моя судьба он найдет способ найти меня. Я уехала. И потом получаю смс от подруги. Что он догнал ее на другой омтаноке и спросил меня в вк как найти. Я захожу вк а у меня нет новых заявок в друзья. Ну я говорю,ну понятно. Через пару часов. Я подумала что надо зайти в подписки. И там увидела его. Добавила,он в сети и молчит. Я думаю: Ну если до завтра не напишет,удалю. Написал. И через 2 недели знакомства мы уже стали жить вместе. И через 2 года,росписались. И уже год как муж и жена.

  43. О, африканские прЫнцы, это особая тема! Помню, тоже фантиком была, лет 8 назад, но быстро прохавала, обошлось "лёгким испугом". Сейчас, как семки их лускаю! )) Уже самой можно тренинги проводить. )
    На звуки вашего прелестного ассистента, среагировали три моих ассистента!
    И кстати говоря, это у вас точно не розмарин! )) Может орегано, базилик, или в крайнем случае тимьян. 😉

  44. Видите ребята это все не шутка помните ребята Оля прост-ка…Спит спит спит Оля с кем попало…

  45. "В животе бабочки, в голове пузыри" ахахахха я долго хихикала. Про пузыри – это понравилось, спасибо, Таня

  46. Спасибо за видео Татьяна все богатые женихи уже разобраны и принцев нет остались одни бедные

  47. Ребята, поддержите подпиской канал приюта для бездомных животных. У них собаки после чумки, с эпилепсией! Многих спасают! https://youtu.be/ktehLsf9uc0

  48. я уверен, что чеснок кладут в самом конце готовки, иначе это вонизм неимоверный, дочке пару раз сказал, так она просто оттявкалась,
    что я ничего не понимяю в вонизме. С чем я согласился, но остался при своем мнении, когда она готовит запах, а точнее чесно вонище, говорит само за себя.
    Впрочем, она сама себе paramedic и флаг ей в сковородку
    Мне до Ниагарки час неспеша, вот уж где воздух свеж.
    Пиладельфию точно не надо класть, это и так субпродукт.. непонятного происхождения
    при всех ваших достоинствах погремуха "генарал" мне совсем не нравится, с какого бока припека? с погон, с выправки, с привычек…
    я прошел военную школу, но от таких званий не вижу радуги, кому дано, а кому и даром не надо…

  49. Долгое видео. Никогда не смотрю. Вам идея для канала. Извините. Уверена, что Вы умница, но 2 или 3 минуты моей жизни я бы заинтересовалась. Но 21 с половиной минуты не буду красть из моей жизни.

  50. Татьяна, очень заинтересовал вебинар о котором вы рассказали. Хочу тоже начать знакомиться в интернете, но боюсь а вдруг попадется психопат или маньяк😅😆 а какой сайт вы посоветуете, с приличными) Хочется конечно иметь куратора как вы в на эту тему…

  51. Умничка, умничка!!! Всё так живенько, сжато, грамотно, с ОГОНЬКОМ!!!! ПОДПИСКА!!

  52. Вспоминаю свои посиделки на СЗ 12 лет назад.
    Искала "своего" человека, но судя по словам Татьяны, нахожусь в том 1% вменяемых, кто реален, искал реальный отношения, но выходить оффлайн не спешил. И потому что времени особо не было, и потому что желание видеться с непонятными людьми не было.
    Всегда предпочитала сначала пару месяцев пообщаться в сети, узнать, чем человек дышит и живет. И только потом, если человек не оттолкнул, переходить в реал.

    Более того, телефон не давала до дня встречи, потому что был опыт, когда человек звонил ночами с разных телефонов и не давал жизни и не понимал слова "нет".
    Долго не давала соц.сети. А сейчас соц.сетей на реальное имя вообще нет.

  53. Люблю такое блюдо, но предпочитаю креветки от панциря чистить перед тушением.

  54. Я со вторым мужем познакомилась в интернете.Счастливы вместе 12 лет.

  55. "Подлецу все к лицу", извините Таня, даже не пойму как вам лучше, блондинкой или брюнеткой. Похоже одинаково классно! Но блондинкой нравится больше, наверное потому, что сама блондинка, хот и не природная.

  56. Вам очень идёт ваш новый образ, вы всегда выглядели хорошо, но сейчас – просто восхитительно!

  57. К этим креветкам на гарнир хорошо бы подошли спагетти "гнёзда", политые вашим сырно – чесночным соусом и сверху украсить базиликом.)

  58. Сайты знакомств опасная тема, но Тиндер всё – таки хорошая вещь, там реально почему-то другие люди, намного адекватнее, чем на сайтах

  59. Самый красный флаг что военнослужащему США нужны деньги когда они в горячих точках. В горячих точках во первых солдаты получают очень хорошую зарплату и хорошие надбавки и самое главное не платят налоги. Военный доктор, начинает службу в США не менее со звания 1го лейтенанта. Это уже даже без всякого стажа 3188 долларов, без наложно и перед надбавками за особые навыки. Эти бенефиты также имеет даже рядовой состав. Даже простой рядовой, прямо из КМБ и школы специальности, безналожно получает 1680 в месяц перед надбавками в горячих точках. Эти мошенники целятся на наивных людей которые любят мужчин в форме но мало знают про военную службу.

  60. Ну а я встретился со своей женой в PlentyOfFish. Женаты уже 4ре года и дружили до этого примерно 2.

  61. Блогер Nataliya Carpenito. Я у нее учусь сервировке, подаче, рецепты за замечательные. Умничка с отличным вкусом.

  62. Тема Супер . Посмотрел бы свидание с корейцем и свидание в жителем республики Чад

  63. Анекдот в тему.
    Одна подружка говорит другой: – за мной вчера вечером в парке какой-то мужик подвязался, наверно маньяк!
    – Да ну? Маньяк?? Сексуальный???
    – Ну не очень

  64. Я познакомилась с будущем мужем на сайте знакомств обычном,русском в 2013 г. Mamba вроде назывался. Там столько дурней было,что уже никому не верила, шла на свидание с Ним, сказав себе ,что это мой последний раз и удаляю анкету, если чел мне не понравится…)))

  65. Главное не напиться 👏👏👏🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 С рождеством Ребята,🥰🤩💖 всем добра и счастья

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